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About This File

Single map based on the idea of rainbow bridges.

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Cute map.  A testament to the power of curve-tool abuse (in a good way).  Great opening shot where you walk forward and reveal the panorama of the whole map in a pretty way.

In one way, it's a just a topologically simple, semi-symmetric hub-map that branches into 6 "combat puzzle" set-pieces;  But when such a "simple" framework like this is executed on well, it serves as a strong backbone for beauty.  Woven into, around, and throughout this structure is a striking visual motif: frosty white brickworks surrounded by white void, with bright rainbow ribbonry shining through and connecting it all together.  Implemented in each corner is its own distinct sub-element: some sort of the said modest "frosty white brickwork" that teleports you to a set-piece fight in the white void; all of which abiding well to the overarching, cohesive framework the designer set out to fit everything into.

It's not galaxy-shattering, but an excellent single map with it's own identity and is worth checking out.  Give it your 10-15 minutes.

Also PS: there's a free megasphere in the center you can grab anytime... don't brute-force your last fight with 1% hp like I did.

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while it's snazzy and lovely with the rainbow bridges and the serene feeling you originally get, there's not much else to really note other than Bifrost being a "collect six keys from six areas and exit" map. basically, you get the rocket launcher and plasma rifle, then go through six distinct teleporters for six distinct setpieces.


one area has the key, lots of rockets, and mancubi on rainbow stairs.

one has you in an arena with arch-viles and rockets.

one has you running quickly across a rainbow bridge under arachnotron fire until you telefrag them.

one has you fighting two cyberdemons on two sides of a rainbow.

one has you at a three-way intersection with several barons to kill.

one has a spiderdemon firing at you while arch-viles also teleport in, then you telefrag these enemies.


don't get me wrong, the thematic presentation is excellent and the difficulty is there. but I can't help but feel like there should've been much more excitement out of this. would definitely love to see more rainbow themes of course, just with more exciting gameplay styles.

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Very colorful.  Many interesting arena fights.  Bonus points for letting me telefrag spiders.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Ranger Qwerty · Posted
      I like the part where I pay for the numerous murders I committed by getting beaten up by either a Mancubus or an Arachnotron, it changed my outlook on Monster Priority. Thank you "Problematic" Revenant #7, I have yet to find a way to repay him.
    • By z34chris · Posted
      A playable map.  This wad is very representative of the 1994-1996 time period of new mappers creations.  There is enough ammo and health if you play conservatively and utilize monster in-fighting.
    • By Ofisil · Posted
      Very inconsistent everywhere you look, from the overall feel of the megawad, to each individual level. The balance is all over the place, leading to levels having uber-easy regions mixed with insanely challenging, trial-and-error ambushes. The exploration is very hit and miss, mostly leaning towards miss. A couple of interesting places, but the wad just isn't that fun, even for those who have a high tolerance for old wads like me.    
    • By Havoc Crow · Posted
      An example of how not to make a map. Lots of ugly rooms filled with same types of enemies. The blue key room in particular has about ten hell knights and barons trapped on pillars, and you have only a super shotgun to fight them; thankfully, what _would_ have been a mind-numbingly boring fight is skippable because the blue key is right there for you to take. Errors large and small abound, such as the pass-through metal bars or the clumsy approach to detailing and shading.
      New music, in the form of a bad-sounding midi which barely has any rhythm.
    • By Havoc Crow · Posted
      Finished within 4 minutes or so A 2016 re-release of a 1994 level. The text file warns: "Bad, really bad 1994 quality", and is right; there's nothing whatsoever interesting about this level -- you enter one flat room after another and shoot at haphazardly spread out monsters. There is an "invisible teleporter" gimmick which, however, I have barely noticed in my playthrough. The exit isn't even hidden or locked in any way, and can be easily stumbled into accidentally. There's nothing to say.