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HUMP mini

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About This File

_______ _______ | /|| /|( )( ____ ) | ) ( || ) ( || () () || ( )| | (___) || | | || || || || (____)| | ___ || | | || |(_)| || _____) | ( ) || | | || | | || ( / | ) ( || (___) || ) ( || )-MINI- |/ |(_______)|/ ||/ /

heretic upstart mapping project 2018

Made for Chocolate Heretic, zdoom or GZdoom (3.4.1)

+------------------------------------------+ ***IMPORTANT*** This project uses a "short" episode 2: E2M1 leads to E2M9, which leads to E2M5, E2M6, E2M7, E2M8. So maps E2M2 - E2M4 will be regular heretic maps. +------------------------------------------+

To run with chocolate heretic: Copy the hump_mini.wad and hump_mini.hhe files into your chocolate heretic directory. You will also need the usual heretic.wad in that directory Make a shortcut to the chocolate heretic .exe file, in the "target" section of the shortcut, add the following: -iwad heretic.wad -file hump_mini.wad -deh hump_mini.hhe

The .hhe file has the map and episode names for this project.

For zdoom / GZdoom, map names are done with MAPINFO, so no need to run the .hhe file

+------------------------------------------+ Project Lead: SOSU

Idea Base: DUMP Projects by TerminusEst13

Special Thanks: Mikolah, HexenMapper

Titlepic / title music: HexenMapper

Playtesting: HUMPmini Crew +------------------------------------------+

NOTE: All maps are designed to be wand-started. They have been arranged roughly in order of difficulty, so continuous play will also work. To wand start: When you enter a map, type "engageXY" where X is the episode number and Y is the map number given below (So type engage11 for E1M1). This will restart the level with only your wand, staff and no items. Jumping and Crouching have been disabled in this wad. You will not be needing them.

Maps Included (13)

MAP E1M1 Name: Canal Author: PerfectionismTech

MAP E1M2 Name: The Doorway to Hell Author: Repugnus Music: Guardian of Fire, Hexen:Beyond Heretic, Kevin Schilder

MAP E1M3 Name: Coast Town Author: Jthom

MAP E1M4 Name: The Wharf Author: Mikolah

MAP E1M5 Name: Resurrection Author: SOSU

MAP E1M6 Name: The Black Heart Author: ETTiNGRiNDER

MAP E1M7 Name: The Inner Sanctum Author: Xindage

MAP E1M8 Name: The Tomb of Xerxes I Author: Xyzzy01 Music: ???

MAP E2M1 Name: Twisted Spire Author: Whirledtsar

MAP E2M9 Name: Praevus Smeltery Author: riderr3 Music: Yew.mid, Ben Wachal

MAP E2M5 Name: Cave of Damnation Author: Skeletonpatch

MAP E2M6 Name: Cultist Crypt Author: HexenMapper

MAP E2M7 Name: DEEP BLUE Author: Walter confetti Music: Omnious, Jill of the Jungle, Dan Froelich

MAP E2M8 Name: Danke Schoen Author: HexenMapper

MAP E1M9, E2M2 - M4 Name: Nexus Author: Mikolah

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  • File Reviews

    • By Argenteo · Posted
      A relaxing episode 1 replacement. Solid in it's simplicity.
    • By Dr.Ferret · Posted
      I love it but For multiplayer do the gloves on the sprites appear black? If not can you make them appear black so the sprites can match the first person perspective?
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      A really boring "slaughtermap" sort of map with a not very good layout and broken teleports. Played it on vanilla doom and doom+ exes on dosbox, it plays fine. Also, is E2M2 have an exit? I didn't want to know because i've get bored while playing at it, sorry.
    • By Phobus · Posted
      Despite working alongside Billy for a few years now, and being a big fan of what he does, I hadn't gotten around to checking this out. Turns out I was doing myself a disservice! This is a lot of fun to explore, with many twists and turns, and some pretty intricate secrets. A very strong start for him, but I can see where he's grown since. In particular, the progression and distribution of weapons can lead first-time players to be quite underpowered for a long time, depending on where they go first, and my initial playing experience suffered as a result. Likewise, the way secrets are woven through the map and partially limited based on progression makes for a great story telling device, but does rather impede your chance to experience everything if you don't know when things are available and what will stop them being so.   Saying all of that, the game play is generally solid, the additional textures, artwork and music choices are all on point and the level looks very nice, so I'm more knocking a star off because of the open-ended progression not working out perfectly for me on my play through, than anything else. Well, that and I know he's gone on to bigger and better things, of course! Great stuff, highly recommended.
    • By Argenteo · Posted
      Some large trapping maps and some tricky small ones. I didn't find Eye 1 the episode replacement with that creepy green imp. My favourite its the first one. Awesome classic original midis.