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About This File

A fairly straightforward and non-linear Boom format map, set in the central business district of the heavily overrun city of Midiville.

The name comes from a stewboy MIDI, which you'll hear during gameplay. :)

My submission to the Vinesauce Mapping Contest 2018. It was speedmapped in about 5 hours starting 12AM AWST on March 1st, with mere hours to go before the contest deadline. The map is pretty short as a result of the time pressure, with only two keys to grab and just under a hundred monsters.

This version of the WAD is the official release, as the version submitted to the contest was GZDoom- exclusive, due to the manc/arach/cyberdemon sector triggers being set up in GZDoom's ZMAPINFO lump. It's also had some slight rebalancing to address some potential gameplay issues.

Tested in PrBoom+, Eternity Engine, and GZDoom. For best experience run with GZDoom.

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