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Io Complex

   (2 reviews)
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About This File

Includes 13 single player maps set on Jupiter's moon Io, several new weapons, and some new enemies.

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Enjoyed the overall design, that Burst-Rifle replacement is neat. Proved to be a challenge on Ultra-Nightmare.

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I actually like this, the custom pistol replacement is pretty good the new enemies add a nice campy feel to it which i very much enjoy, the map design gives a nice feeling to my eyes and in general was good.



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  • File Reviews

    • By smeghammer · Posted
      A map I discovered ages ago and still play quite often. This is one of my favourite maps. I love the aesthetics of it - tech/space station. It is much bigger than the first vrack but basically the same, but better. It's fairly old school in style (no slaughtery bits) but can get quite hectic. There is quite a bit of searching and backtracking when looking for keys or switches, but that is no issue usually - especially as the level design and architecture are superb...   A definite one to play.
    • By smeghammer · Posted
      I played vrack2 for ages before playing this one. That unfortunately biased my view of it... Vrack 1 is certainly epic and big and superbly designed and when I did eventually get round to playing it I really enjoyed it. It is an excellent hours worth of epic gameplay that is challenging but never unfair. I would recommend playing this before number 2 though...
    • By vdgg · Posted
      Looks like a '95/'96 WAD, maybe a sequel to 99ways by Warren Marshall? So prepare yourself for a maximum old school experience. I found the map super cool, with all the staircase climbing. Monsters are low-tier, a revenant at the exit is "boss".
    • By Endless · Posted
      The peak of challenging map design. Vrack works in every way, from its elegant and technological design, the fantastic texture work, the unique and well done theme, the magnificent difficulty developed through fantastic enemy placement as well as items and secrets and a theme as unique as it is subtle.   Many maps developed with the idea of being ''challenging'' followed in Vrack's footsteps, seeking to offer a quality as sublime in its creation as an equally challenging but still enjoyable without crossing into ''unfair'' zone.   It's just a classic that, surprisingly, holds up extremely well today.
    • By ReaperAA · Posted
      A few million revenants =/= infinite revenants. I was lied. So 0/5 stars