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Who's afraid of the dark?

   (4 reviews)
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About This File

This DOOM2, level 1 PWAD is the net result of playing and studying dozens of other levels. I incorporated all my favorite tricks and traps into this one, three key level.

WAOTD.WAD is designed as a mini-game, taking you from pistol to BFG 9000. All the bad guys are here as well as just enough power-ups and ammo to get you through the level. One of the frustrating aspects of this level is that each goal -- ending, keys, etc. are in plain sight -- but you have to deduce how to "get there from here" while fighting off the strategically place enemies. You need to be observant as well as vigilant, and there is a maze problem that will challenge you too.

I have included a demo file, HOW2.LMP, that shows the entire level played without cheating. It took me over 17 minutes to make it, and I know all the tricks! To view it be sure that WAOTD.WAD and HOW2.LMP are both unzipped into your DOOM2 sub-directory. Then use the following DOS command:

doom2 -file WAOTD.WAD -playdemo how2

This level should provide you with many hours of intense action!

Additional Credits to My kids, Megan, Joe, Mike and Steven who put in a lot of test-play time and helped me root out the bugs. I think we got them all. I will say that most of the "bugs" turned out to be problems with the DoomCad node builder, because after processing the wad with WARM 1.3 they disappeared.

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5 stars? I don't think we played the same map. This is a huge confused mess. I stumbled around for a few minutes before quitting and looking for a map that is enjoyable to play.

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Unknown date

It's a great map made in 1995. Perhaps it is a bit too dark at the start (the title is right) but however is fun. 5/5 -GG

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  • File Reviews

    • By fnord · Posted
      Extremely dull and extremely repetitive, but sadly, not the worst of it's kind. Looks and plays like one of those awful software auto-generated map sets. Room after identical looking square rooms with small mobs of low level monsters and the occasional Baron, Revenant or Mancubus. Played it to the end and I can't remember a single level that differentiated itself from any of the others. Wad of last resort if you have nothing better to do.
    • By vdgg · Posted
      Not flawless, but this may be the best from the wicked series. I don't like the cyberdemon placement and the easternmost wing is a missed opportunity regarding monsters (it is big, ominous looking and completely empty initially, and when monsters start appearing, they turn out to be some imps and demons...). The pace is luckily much better in all three western areas. Very nice texturing of mostly grey stuff, including incidental good (!) usage of GREYTALLS.
    • By Bri0che · Posted
      Everything is too big and/or empty, some parts are literally useless door transitions without anything in it, monsters are ridiculously placed… What a shame, because we feel like the author could had made better, but stayed on something way bellow its means :/ Well, I'm saying that, but this is a first map after all, so I don't want to be too bad, and leave a 3/5 as Misty did, but this objectively deserve less.
    • By Bri0che · Posted
      Sometimes innovation, originality, et cætera… aren't the best way to creation. Sometimes simplicity is.   Demonic Rituals : Great layout, entertaining gameplay, suiting decoration, perfect aesthetic, excellent level design, superb maps.   5/5.
    • By Bri0che · Posted
      As a fan of E2 style, this map is my kind. I won't argue much honestly, gameplay is easy. I would had liked to have two or three secrets to find, but ok. Aesthetic is right a mix between tech and hell, as E2 fairly is, this was expected and what I was searching for.