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Meat-Grinder I (v1.A)

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About This File

This level replaces GRINDER1.WAD dated 5/12/95. There's now an exit, for those who like to see the "who-killed-how-many-of-who" screen when they're done, and the four corner pillars have been lowered to open the whole level up some more.

This level is intended for DeathMatch, and DeathMatch only. The layout is quite simple: A large, octagonal courtyard, surrounded by four raised ledges and four sunken pillboxes, with a raised, octagonal kiosk at its center. DM start-points are located on each ledge and in each pillbox.

A Mega-Sphere (or "Skin" as one of my buddies calls it) is located at the top of the central kiosk. The top of the kiosk is accessible via any of four lifts. However, when one lift is lowered, all are lowered, which makes it easy for all players to go for the "Skin" at the same time... ;> However, getting to a lift may be difficult, as each is positioned just a short distance away from (and directly in front of) a pillbox where other players may be waiting... ;> ;>

Weapons and ammo are in abundance, both on the ledges and in the pillboxes. The ledges, however, are only accessible by players who start on them.

To get into a pillbox, a player must jump through a teleporter. The sound of the teleporter will alert players who are already in the pillbox. There are two such entrances/ exits to each pillbox, one on either side.

When playing at skill-levels "I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE", "HEY, NOT TOO ROUGH", and "HURT ME PLENTY", two Soul-Spheres and two sets of Blue Armour are available in the pillboxes. For "ULTRA-VIOLENCE" and "NIGHTMARE", these turn into four sets of Green Armour. The "Skin" is available at all skill-levels.

The exit requires the cooperation of at least two players, which should keep the level from ending until all players are ready.

This level has been thoroughly play-tested (DM), and has proven to be a good fragger. I tried to keep it simple, so people with slower machines could still enjoy it. (My 486DX2-66 is ISA-only, and has a pretty slow video card, and this level plays well on it.)

The idea for this level was conceived under the influence of the adrenaline rush produced by playing a two-hour 'Dead Simple' DeathMatch. ;>

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  • File Reviews

    • By Philnemba · Posted
      A fun heavily modified tougher version of Doom 1's E1M6 dated back in April of 94(yes same month of origwad). Its starts a bit hectic but with so many shotgun guys and plenty of health throughout the map, its actually not that hard to go through. However like any 94 wad, it has typical misaligned textures, a few HOMs, and had to use noclip cheat to grab the last card key due to ceiling being too low to pass under. Despite its age and a few minor stuff, its a fun wad from 1994 and I would recommend to give it a try :)
    • By whirledtsar · Posted
      Excellent wad for Hexen fans. It stays true to the style/spirit of the original game while introducing new ideas. The level / hub design is interesting, the combat is well-balanced, texturing is well-done and well-aligned, and there are plenty of interesting scripted events. The wings are used in a very smart way - you're able reach many previously unreachable items and paths. The only thing I disliked was the "boss" of the final level. I won't spoil it, but it's quite disappointing.   Unfortunately there is a bug in The Castle Of Fluft - the flame mask switch is not set to "repeatable", so if you try to use it without the prerequisite mask, you won't be able to use it again when you do. If you encounter this bug, type "puke 10" to activate the script the mask normally would.
    • By Lane Powell · Posted
      This seems like a semi-hidden gem. The author's other WAD Crimson Canyon won a Cacoward, though I prefer this one.   It certainly lives up to its namesake. The textures are all Hell's green marble and blood, supplemented with custom textures including some modified Giger designs and some creepy sprites I recognize from Monolith's Blood. The map designs are seriously contorted. It's probably a divisive aspect of the set. In some levels the angular layouts wrap around themselves in a jagged mesh, creating devilish mazes with slightly obscure progression, and where fireballs can fly at you from different parts of the map. Other parts are darker and more claustrophobic. It's all a totally hostile atmosphere.   There are some common themes gameplay-wise but you'll know them by map 2. A big one is ammo constriction, especially on UV. Certain maps seem near unbeatable without finding key secrets.   This was actually one of the first WADs I completed a few years ago, and on revisiting it it feels very fresh. Like most memorable WADs, it rides on strong concepts and some devilish gameplay while targeting a distinctive theme.
    • By RonLivingston · Posted
      It almost looks as if what pestilence from hexen 2 would look like in this mod
    • By lupinx-Kassman · Posted
      It sure is Bill. This minisode is as singleplayer as singleplayer can be, and its for doom2 despite doom1 map names being used. Guessing it was converted at some point and the textfile wasn't updated. Its still accurate about one thing though: it comes with psounds.wad. They're exquisitely obnoxious. Other than that the levels are decent. The layouts for the first three maps almost look like they were drawn without any grid. All of those vertical and horizontal lines were saved for map04, which looks to be completely made of squares and rectangles.