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Meat-Grinder I (v1.A)

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About This File

This level replaces GRINDER1.WAD dated 5/12/95. There's now an exit, for those who like to see the "who-killed-how-many-of-who" screen when they're done, and the four corner pillars have been lowered to open the whole level up some more.

This level is intended for DeathMatch, and DeathMatch only. The layout is quite simple: A large, octagonal courtyard, surrounded by four raised ledges and four sunken pillboxes, with a raised, octagonal kiosk at its center. DM start-points are located on each ledge and in each pillbox.

A Mega-Sphere (or "Skin" as one of my buddies calls it) is located at the top of the central kiosk. The top of the kiosk is accessible via any of four lifts. However, when one lift is lowered, all are lowered, which makes it easy for all players to go for the "Skin" at the same time... ;> However, getting to a lift may be difficult, as each is positioned just a short distance away from (and directly in front of) a pillbox where other players may be waiting... ;> ;>

Weapons and ammo are in abundance, both on the ledges and in the pillboxes. The ledges, however, are only accessible by players who start on them.

To get into a pillbox, a player must jump through a teleporter. The sound of the teleporter will alert players who are already in the pillbox. There are two such entrances/ exits to each pillbox, one on either side.

When playing at skill-levels "I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE", "HEY, NOT TOO ROUGH", and "HURT ME PLENTY", two Soul-Spheres and two sets of Blue Armour are available in the pillboxes. For "ULTRA-VIOLENCE" and "NIGHTMARE", these turn into four sets of Green Armour. The "Skin" is available at all skill-levels.

The exit requires the cooperation of at least two players, which should keep the level from ending until all players are ready.

This level has been thoroughly play-tested (DM), and has proven to be a good fragger. I tried to keep it simple, so people with slower machines could still enjoy it. (My 486DX2-66 is ISA-only, and has a pretty slow video card, and this level plays well on it.)

The idea for this level was conceived under the influence of the adrenaline rush produced by playing a two-hour 'Dead Simple' DeathMatch. ;>

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  • File Reviews

    • By Shreddy Krueger · Posted
      My new favourite set of 32 maps. Definitely the best MegaWAD that Skillsaw has ever made, destroying Valiant. Lots of unexpectedly cool ideas can be found within these solid maps. From the very first level with the neon "Wolf Warp" you know that you're in for a real treat. "Leave your Sol Behind" also blew me away with the whole space ship travel gimmick.   In terms of difficulty: I was playing with Project Brutality on its equivalent of Hurt Me Plenty, so that amped up the difficulty considerably. A couple areas really constrict you for ammo, and according to Skillsaw that was supposed to be a main feature of the WAD but was dropped for a majority of the maps. Occasionally you encounter some slaughter-like areas and maps but nothing that got bland or seemed like a crutch for bad level design. You will face a considerable number of Cyberdemons and Spider Masterminds, which is par-for-the-course when it comes to custom Doom maps.   In my opinon, some guest maps sucked (Nectar Flow) while others fit very well (Culture Shock, Acerols-Orion). Maybe some could say that the second episode did start to blend slightly together from level to level due to the visuals, but I would also say that the second episode had the best content for the MegaWad.   So all in all I'd definitely recommend this Wad to anyone who plays Doom and is looking for a beacon in Doom map design.
    • By amackert · Posted
      I made the mistake of putting this on UV for my first playthrough. Oops. It was insanely brutal and I didn't have a lot of fun with it. However, after checking out the readme, as suggested I went back for another run on HMP. It's impressive to see the huge difference in difficulty and I appreciate the effort in differentiating the various skill level choices. I definitely recommend new players play it on HMP or lower, that way you can really appreciate the excellent architecture and interesting color scheme, as well as that soothing DKC music that makes for a unique vibe. 4/5 for a HMP playthrough. The only thing lacking here is the amount of maps, and that's OK. I'd just love to see more in this style.   Rating when played on UV: 2/5. For extreme masochists only.
    • By Gato606 · Posted
      It's a very impressive megawad with a nice themed ancient Egypt atmosphere, with very nice choosing of textures to contribute to that theme, very nice architecture and impressive (and very risky) twist on the story going from ancient Egypt to alien spaceships, without using hi-pitched colors like in Ancient Aliens. Also, very tough megawad, if you're masochist enough, you can play it with Complex Doom and add LCA for more doses of pain.
    • By whirledtsar · Posted
      It's okay. Quite easy due to the abundance of artifacts, mana, & health. The level design is fine, nothing special. The only truly bad part was the unmarked puzzle bookcases, forcing you to wallhump the entire library as a last resort. Otherwise it's pretty simple stuff, running around finding keys and smashing monsters. The texturing and lighting aren't fantastic but aren't noticeably bad either. The only glaring issue is that many windows just show a wall textured with the sky texture rather than an area with a sky ceiling. Yet there are perfectly normal outdoor areas. Perhaps the author only figured it out skies halfway through development? Anyways, this is worth your time if you want an hour or two of simple Hexen fun.
    • By yourusernamee · Posted
      loved all of it except map20. that map sucked the life out of me. really great stuff all around.