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Lord Roberts Doom 1.0

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Shaped exactly like my school. LORD ROBERTS HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER BY DEMONS FROM HELL!! Has got a nice ring to it.

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It is one of the worst wad ever! Everything is glitched. Some baddies, but no guns, no exit, no fun.

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2* just for being made by a 12 year old

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Unknown date

This is surely the very first parody level. It's awful in so many ways; you start off looking at a giant and unmissable hall of mirrors effect. The doors are all bugged. The level is just a few large square rooms. When you go upstairs there is a spider mastermind trapped in a too-short room (oddly, the spider is immobile in Zdoom, but will turn around and kill you in Doom2.exe). You have to find the blue key to open a door... to an empty room. There's no exit.

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Unknown date

Lags my copy of jDoom to a crawl. Shooting crashes jDoom.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Deadwing · Posted
      Played on UV, with saves and continuous.

      Valiant is one of these mapsets where people will always refer as a major influence, such as the ones like Hell Revealed, Alien Vendetta and Scythe and many others. Is it as good as them? Honestly, I didn't like Hell Revealed and Alien Vendetta at all, and Valiant thankfully has nothing compared with them: The levels are more robust, featuring much more refined visuals and gameplay. As for modern standards, I thought that Valiant would be hard as fuck, but instead I got something that was really carefully balanced, being a really tough but also very fair experience. Also, I was surprised of seeing no slaughtermaps at all. Instead, there's some slaughter-lite sections, which are much more accessible, IMO. 

      Anyway, I think these are the two biggest quality of that wad which surprised me a lot: The very-well crafted architecture and how well the balancing was done.

      The architecture focus on creating a really detailed environment, but at the same time there's a lot of care to keep things very clean and easily readable. It features a lot of modern trends, where the textures are not only well aligned, but with the limits being also respected vertically, so you don't get that "cut-off" texture that we usually see when there're different ceilings and a wall texture that doesn't really match the difference. As for the themes itself, the tech-bases are creative and easy to identify as something from Valiant. The same goes for the last moon-based episode.

      As for the gameplay, the mapset reminded me a lot the process of mastering a song. For example, you want to keep the volume of the song loud, but at the same time you take care to avoid going too much (and then the clipping happens). Same could've been said about Valiant, where the player goes through really tough setpieces, but they're still always fair. Most of them I've died once or twice (if it happened), but after the "surprise" effect, things went a lot smoother. I believe that a more skilled player than me (especially because I suck badly in doom lol), wouldn't have much problem in these setpieces and at same time would enjoy a lot the experience.

      The monster placement is also really well done, and never did go into full slaughter territory, also keeping the grind level very low while forcing the player to use more interesting strategies instead of just circle-strafing or cover-fighting. The new bestiary and the new Chaingunner definitely gives more intensity and increases the pace of the gameplay. Thankfully none of the new beasts are bullet-sponge, although I don't think all of them were really necessary, but a fun addiction anyways.

      For the negative aspects, there's some stuff that annoyed me, which I think wouldn't mind other people, though.

      My main complaint would be that a good number of levels are similar to each other, which few exceptions (and some exceptions gets its concept repeated, such as MAP22 x MAP23). The mapset follows a very popular modern trend that is that mix of outdoor areas with some indoor sections, which creates some really beautiful landscapes, but at the same time some levels ends up being unremarkable because you've already had a similar experience, which gives the player a feeling of "padding". This is also increased by the fact that most levels from the same episode shares a similar textures set, so they end up having a similar look. Furthermore, episodes 1 and 3, and episodes 2 and 4 shares similar visual elements, which also enhances that feeling.

      There's also "two major" set of levels, which is the more linear approach and there's the hub focused maps where you have to find all the 3 keys to reach the exit. Some levels go away from that trend, though, featuring cool gameplay gimmicks (the 14 arch-ville ones and the first of the 4th episode, for example), which is a really good way to refresh things out. In the end, there's lots of really cool and unique setpieces, but I don't really remember from what levels are they from.

      As for the gameplay standards, the use of sniping monsters got me annoyed on some levels. Some of them are placed in odd angles and/or far away which makes them hard targets to kill, so I ended up ignoring them and kept running around. In one hand, this is good because the player has to keep moving and avoid using simple and boring tactics (cover shooting, circle-strafing), but at the same time this reduces the room to breath, the player ends taking hits from random places and sometimes the sniper is placed between cross-fires, which makes taking them down an even more annoying task. The first levels from the last episode were also a bit disappointing since I didn't find any SSG in the way and that slowed down a lot the gameplay in a not good way.

      At least, not but less important, the soundtrack is really well done, with some tracks making me think if they were actually MIDI's or not. They are really energetic, featuring lots of layers, complex sections and effects. My only complaint would be that they have similar style to each other (very energetic rock songs, usually featuring the "power drum kit" with multi-layered synths and guitars everywhere), so you don't end up remembering its melodies or sections because the song of the next level has also a similar feel. I believe that some less percussive tracks between the energetic ones would help pace things better and it would make the more energetic ones shine more.

      Still, apart for these annoyances, I don't think you can go wrong with Valiant, and the quality material surpass by far the few annoyances. Definitely a wad worth checking out, if you haven't done yet for whatever reason lol.

    • By Gato606 · Posted
      Overall, a nice and enjoyable megawad
    • By StormCatcher.77 · Posted
      I think, for 1996 this map is very stunning... Moment with camera monitor been much memorable. In overall sence, design is simple, but in some places author give more advance to details. I like gameplay without big difficulties, and secrets, that's easy to find. For me is strongest standalone map of 1996 that i know.
    • By Sasha · Posted
      A set of maps contain sectors where player need to confront hundreds of monsters. So, these maps only seem to hard because sectors are large. The exception, map 10, contains a lot of cyberdemons, little ammo and is impassable. If you like to organize battles between monsters, this wad for you.
    • By GuyNamedErick · Posted
      One room, 48 Zombiemen, some powerups and a Chainsaw. There is nothing to enjoy here and instead of being a stress reliever, it generates agitation instead for just how primitive this map is.