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Super Patate 2000 (Reqs Doom 1.666!!!)

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About This File

Episode 2, Levels 1 through 8. There's not really any situation.. We just decided we were going to make a brand new episode, I just hope it makes the next "Complete Doom Accessory CD Volume IV"! Levels are fun, rather smooth on 386s, and small. Levels: E2M 1,3,4,7,8 by Pith Possum, E2M2 and E2M6 are by Apocalypse, and E2M5 by his bro. Wyvern. *Hint* Get LSD.WAD, other episode by Pith Possum! * YOU ---MUST---- USE DOOM 1.666 or newer!!!! *

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Mapset made in those early days where level builders were more focussed on experimenting with technical constructs, than on creating good layouts, ambiance & gameplay. So also this mapset. Even for a mid-1995 wad, it's plain awful. Take f.e. E1M1 @ UV... Horrible. Very small 1* only because in those times, creating maps was not so easy as nowadays.

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Unknown date

This ep2 replacement is boring and badly made. Map6 could not be finished without cheating as when you get the blue key you are trapped behind a one way door. Map7 was a mystery to me with the triggers needed to open the doors so had to noclip past them. Maps 1-5 & 8 are beatable without cheats but are just so dismal it is not even worth playing them. the ENDOOM message says to grab the next episode "Super Patate 2001" dunno if this was ever made or released though, I doubt it 0/5

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  • File Reviews

    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      it should be obvious to those who are playing this that this is NOT another Doom 64 TC. it's recreating the levels of Doom 64 as Doom II levels, which is why you see other monsters and a few changes to layout as well.   i'm not gonna give this a good score though. but this may be because I just don't like Doom 64's levels in general. even when you cut out the atmosphere and enhance the gameplay and layout of the maps here there's still some bashful puzzles to solve and well, the levels are longer than they really are. my Doom 64 opinion of course.
    • By Gato606 · Posted
      Nicely done succesor of Plutonia
    • By Gato606 · Posted
      Overall is nice, but I'm not much into small maps crowded with monsters, other than that, looks like a decent megawad
    • By Gato606 · Posted
      Sorry, but can't give more stars to this megawad, it gets really tiresome to start like 6 times the same map with a different door each time and the and the innecesary overstuff of ammo and guns just kill the fun of Doom being about managing your resources.  It can be some kind of fun opening a terminal in GZDoom and setting SV_fastWeapons to 2
    • By Summer Deep · Posted
      Played on UV, continuous, GLBoom+   This is a very absorbing and well put together Episode 2 replacement. The difficulty is cranked up incrementally throughout, and towards the end becomes seriously challenging, though always fair. Map 7 is particularly memorable, with its 500 monsters and a big surprise in the blue key room, as is the hellish descending escalator in Map 9. The final level is absolute mayhem, with 9 Cyberdemons and a supporting cast of 300+ sidekicks, but with a properly worked out strategy it's beatable: you need to make good use of infighting, plus it helps to be on the lookout for a secret area that isn't all that secret....   Not sure that any game ever merits an absolute 5 star rating, which implies that no improvement is possible, but this is certainly approaching 95/100 territory.   Definitely looking forward to checking out ConC.E.R.Ned by the same author.