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About This File

Well, it's my first pwad

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Standard old "first map". Angular corridors, awfull texturing, flat not alligned to grid, not unpegged lifts... In pit with blue key you must to use noclip, becouse of authors mistake in making a lift. How it's possible he didn't notice it and published wad?!

I can find only few adventages: Music (Low quality Nirvana - Rape me), no shitloads of powerups nor enemies. And he tried. but failed :D

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Unknown date

This map is very poorly designed (room after ugly room with brain-dead texturing, and the usual newbie things, e.g. stuck monsters), except for a fun trap towards the end. There's also a major progression flaw here, which makes this almost impossible to complete without the noclip cheat. You won't get out of the blue key pit unless you manage to avoid triggering the last linedef at the stairs. --1/5

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Unknown date

This is a "my first level" from 1995, and is exactly as you would expect; a lot of angular mono-textured rooms with monsters scattered about, textures misaligned. As the previous reviewer points out, you can't finish it without cheating; there's a switch in the blue key pit that is supposed to raise a lift to let you out, but due to incompetence it doesn't work, so you get unavoidably stuck. The rest of the level doesn't get much better.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Meril · Posted
      For 1995 design is ok. But is VERY short. 3 min in slow pace.  Map is easy af.
    • By Meril · Posted
      Square rooms, no details, ugly. Secrets aren't flagged as secret. Only for crappy-wad-lovers.
    • By Meril · Posted
      For 1995, not bad. Some ideas, are really cool, but they're mixed with dumb things. Texture misalignments are common. Overall I had nice time with this.
    • By Nems · Posted
      Aside from a couple of stinkers (I'm looking at you, maps 20 and 33), this was a pretty fun and challenging map set to play through. For the time limit imposed in order to make these maps, they're of pretty nice quality, I think. While I wasn't the biggest fan of the (in my opinion) overusage of Arch-Viles and Revenants, it was still a fair challenge.
    • By Classicgamer6 · Posted
      Disregard earlier review server error caused me to download the incorrect file. So what do I like? The textures combined with the sharp lighting contrast between heavy dark and rather bright areas. What I don't like is the rather empty feeling level with large rooms and corridors filled with medium tier enemies on Ultra Violence, i.e cacodemons and hellknights, while only given a shotgun and chaingun. The issue with this is that encounters become more tedious than dangerous. I would add a super shotgun or spread out the medium tier enemy placement. The level detailing leaves a lot to be desired with the large empty grey rooms/corridors reminding me more of Half-Life than Doom. With some more detailing and better monster/weapon placement I would rank this higher but as it stands this level leaves a lot to be desired.