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About This File

This replaces SS27BETA.WAD which had a few crucial stuffups preventing 100% kills etc. sorry :(

Ok, ok.. this isn't finished coz deu won't handle files of arbitrary size (yet). I thought it would be fun nevertheless so here goes. This s'possed to be a level with 4 arenas in each major direction... Each arena will have a theme when I finish this (Fire/Acid/Earth/Stealth). At the moment the central sections is done and the arenas are sorta stubbed. This level will be part of an eposode later. It is meant to replace e2m7 so its pretty rough in places (even on the easiest level). It's pretty open with only a few doors requiring keycards. So don't be too concerned if a whole heap of voices rises to meet your gunfire . There are peep holes and ambush spots almost everywhere so happy deathmatch! Most heavy firepower is heavily guarded or hidden. The only easy weapon to get is the shotgun. Also no BFG here (yet). ...and contrary to popular belief plasma gun can be reached. Apart from that this level is mostly hack, slash and ambush type. You DO need to find one secret to finish this level (but it has three hints pointing at it. It's dead obvious from the map).

BTW: This *IS* a large file so a grunty machine is recommended. Don't even contemplate a 386. 486DX/33 VLB and > 4Mb recommended. If you don't have VLB it *will* be sluggish. If you don't have > 4Mb it will swap like hell. (pun intended)

There now go kill something... Send me some hate mail.

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Unknown date

Very good map: large, complex and challenging.

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Unknown date

The author later polished this up some more, and re-released it as Castle of Evil (id=1021). This is a large level with almost 350 baddies - in 1994 it would have been stupendously huge. It has lots of secrets and it feels meaty and substantial. The detailing is better than most 1994 stuff although the textures are wonky. It's easier to admire than like, though, because it gets monotonous. For some reason it has part of E1M4 in the south-east section.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Doge Sword · Posted
      this is a mockery of two of the best wads of all time.  on top of that gameplay sucks.  don't get it for your sake.
    • By leodoom85 · Posted
      Another solid mapset that captures the PSX version feel perfectly. Maps comes in all flavors, from techbases and urban areas to the menacing void and, of course, HELL and also has some unexpected secrets which you might play it to see. Of course, I absolutely love the PSX version of Doom and this one is no exception. Gameplay speaking, it's pretty balanced and thought out nicely...with ambushes, good monster placement and really nasty traps which you must avoid it at all costs. One thing that will help you a lot is the addition of a new weapon...seriously, that thing is powerful...check it out and try. Maps have a nice look that helps you to be inmersed in the atmosphere and coupled with the music, it's much better.   Great recommendation, give it a try and you'll have a fun time.
    • By leodoom85 · Posted
      Since I tested the map, I can say that playing it again it still surprises me the amount of effort and detail of the gameplay used, like a lot of portals, clever effects like the one used before you pick up the yellow key saying nope and many nice references including a special secret. Gameplay itself for combat is pretty straightforward with some nasty stuff for you in the Nightmare difficulty. Try that out by all means. Really solid stuff which I totally recommend you folks and play it.
    • By elend · Posted
      When first reading this wad's description I thought this will be a 1994 style map, where someone just tried to recreate his office building to shoot up his colleages. Boy, was I wrong!   Going Down emerged as one of my favourite megawads so far, with its very clever use of small to medium map space and interesting gameplay mechanics in every single map. The first couple of maps start innocent enough, but soon you will find yourself navigating literal crawl spaces, thinking about use of space and / or slight puzzle mechanics just before being thrown into hell itself and fighting for your life. Going Down is designed as a literal descent into hell, which was the most beautifully realized aspect of it. How every map slightly changes into a more and more hellish theme is just great, great design work. Even though the later maps delve into slaughter territory I must admit that I still quite enjoyed it. Actually this was the first time I enjoyed being slaugthered and figuring out how to approach the map.   Going Down is simply an amazing piece of work, oozing quality from start to finish and rewarding the player with incredible elevator music inbetween. A must play.