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About This File

Ever wonder where all of those soldiers you :have to kill come from? Well, your curiosity :got the best of you, and you decided to find out.

:Bad idea.

:On a visit to the Aubrey Penhew Military Academy, :you were horrified to learn that the entire campus -- faculty, staff, and students -- have been :taken over by those Nefarious Demons From Beyond :Space and Time. You were stripped of your gear, :smacked around, and made to watch twelve straight :hours of "Fantasy Island" re-runs.


:After enduring a half day of your one-time comrades :kneeling on their knees making "'da plane! 'da plane!" :jokes, you were ready saw off your ears with a butter :knife. Just as you were eyeying your plastic utensils, :the Sgt.-in-charge dashed in and announced that :the parade-in-review was about to start.

:You were unceremoniously thrown into a basement storage :room, your only company in the sudden solitude being :the pounding of your heart and the remembered sound of :Ricardo Montobaln spewing platitudes to the half-crazed :Tatoo.

:Around you, the once-dapper cadets could be heard :readying their soiled uniforms for a twisted :version of the weekly pass-in-review. You were about :to turn inward to try to decide if Tatoo and Mr. Rourke's :relationship was a mere working one or somehow something :more, when you realized that the griping of the cadets around :you had a decidedly dark tone to it. That alone was of little :surprise -- after all, they were possessed and all -- but :you'd been in the marines long enough to hear the truth behind :the growling, screeching, pea-soup-spitting words.

:The academy had a serious morale problem.

:Hope jolted your heart. You could use this knowledge. If only...

:That was when your hand touched the smooth barrel of the shotgun.

:You grinned evily. Now it was time to pay those bastards back. :You decided as you strode towards the door that, if there were :enough left alive, you'd make them watch "Starsky and Hutch"... :in German.

:With thoughts of Phillip Michael Glasier spouting :"Du! Kommen Sie hier!", you pressed the door and watched as it :started sliding upwards...

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It works, and it's a little boring. I spiced it up with Vanilla Brutal Doom and it's much morf fun with that. This wad comes with a sweet sound pack too! With killer clips from Beavis and Butthead to make sure your ears bleed within a couple minutes!

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Unknown date

Ever wondered what the "venetian blind crash" looks like in vanilla Doom? Here's your example WAD! The large outdoor area with the truckloads of pistol zombies can produce the effect fairly regularly. Ignoring that, it's basically just a lot of dull zombie spam that you mow down with ease. 1/5 -VV

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Unknown date

I thought this wad was pretty good for an oldschool Ultimate DooM map. It was easy to play with plenty of Shotgunners and Zombiemen to frag. You are faced with two Barons Of Hell when you get the Yellow Key. Overall, its not too bad. 4/5.-Candle M

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Unknown date

Dowload at your own risk

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Unknown date


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  • File Reviews

    • By vdgg · Posted
      A set of maps, carefully tuned for pistol starts, pretty hard/challenging. The maps are rather small and have exactly one secret. There is no stylistic consistency; there are a few bases and castles, caves, hellish maps and so on, everything totally mixed up. I can assume the earlier maps have their slots because they are easier and the later maps - harder. MAP26 is probably the most difficult one. mlm12 reminds me a bit of Going Down, as the levels are small, packed with enemies, and one different from the other. But mind, they are less polished than GD. Some maps have a pretty high 2000's level of detail (the ending corridor from MAP09), some others are much more basic looking (MAP02). IMO they are rather good looking (above average).   Bugs/problems: The mapper leaves all the doortracks without "lower unpegged" flag, so they move with the door, I'm sure he knew how to prevent it but he preferred the doors to behave this way. What is more problematic for me: unreliable W1 monster teleports, places where you can get stuck and decorations impeding player's movement, no Boom actions but some maps require -complevel 9 due to traps not working with limit-removing compatibility.   Favourite maps: 03,08,17,24,25,26. I would definitely recommend giving it a try: the maps are so different everyone will surely find something that appeal to them.
    • By Maximum Matt · Posted
      Finally played this one today, pretty good for an old-school level, hub layout, so not so linear, varied locations (including a huge canyon area and an underground cavern), LOADS of monster traps triggered by linedefs, including traps WITHIN traps (very nice).  Not too much of a challenge, but quite fun. 
    • By JudgeDeadd · Posted
      Good atmosphere, but ruined by the terrible gameplay. Tons of identical enemies attacking you over and over, plus some very dark levels where it's impossible to see where you're going, all amount to a mod more annoying than scary.
    • By sesq · Posted
      you can only have so many baron/hell knight vs ssg rooms before it gets tiring
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      REally good and well interconnected map in the style of E1 with some hints of E2 and Doom 2 E1, some cool new textures and even some boom effects like a colored deep water pool, highly recommended to give it a play! Is a fun map!