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Mines of Death for Doom ][

   (2 reviews)
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About This File

I created this level specifically for Doom 1.6 with deathmatch v2.0 in mind. I retextured it and added monsters and weapons for Doom ][. It's a little harder than MINEWAR.WAD (the Doom version). It's also (in my opinion) fleshed out a little better. On to more important info: DO NOT ERASE THE REJECT MAP FOR THIS LEVEL! If you don't know what I mean, then you probably don't have to worry about it. You can erase the reject block map of a wad file by looking at it with almost any wad editor then saving the file. You can also erase the reject map by rebuilding the wad with some node builders.

MAP 15

There is a second exit switch to the secret level. Try and find it! There are many jumps across canyons. Some of these jumps are difficult. Don't get discouraged. I didn't intend for there to be any secret to these jumps, I just meant for them to be difficult. I obviously put some of the better goodies on the higher levels, so if you are playing this level in deathmatch, DON'T GIVE UP YOUR HIGH GROUND! This level was obviously designed with deathmatch in mind. There are LOTS of ambush and scouting spots available, especially if you make it to higher ground. This level also plays remarkably well in single-player and cooperative modes. There are a couple of "special effects" in this level. I put a couple of "two-way" mirrors in here. Beasties can only see through them if they are on the "two-way" side. You won't be able to see the beasties. If, however, you manage to get behind the "two-way" side, you can shoot at beasties without fear. They won't be able to find you, and will helplessly wander around, waiting to be put out of their misery!

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Unknown date

This is dated February 1995. It's Map15. It's basically a single large room, a kind of techbase / mine. The way it winds around itself is a little bit clever, but the gameplay feels aimless and unstructured, and you can cheat by pressing the exit switch through a window, in which case the level takes about twenty seconds to finish. Bog-standard through and through.

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Unknown date

just anuther nooby map... 2/5

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  • File Reviews

    • By Doomkid · Posted
      Why the hell have I not been using this. Incredible, 5 stars.
    • By wolfmcbeard · Posted
      It was difficult for me, but I enjoyed it, a few more ammo pick ups and maybe some health too, but other than that it's a good level.
    • By wolfmcbeard · Posted
      I should've heeded the warnings from the other reviews...
    • By Gato606 · Posted
      Horrible and unenjoyable, it's what I can say about this megawad.  Does it really need to be archviles and cyberdemons in every corner and tight corridors, ambushing with nowhere to go?  Yes, textures are very monotonous, and you got corridor after corridor with same floor/ceiling height.  It's extremely annoying to hunt for that switch that will let you continue, and, surprise!  They're hidden inside the walls without being secrets and no hints where to look for, even with ALLMAP cheat you get lost very easily
    • By Chipchase · Posted
      Not quite as bad as some other comments said, for an old wad anyway. Playable but easy at UV. Some poor texture alignments, nearly all brightly lit, no atmosphere. New sounds are mostly cranky but I liked the machine gun. The voice sounds the same as in "Wild West Of The North" - WEST.WAD which was by Mike Lasota and which also has cranky (but different again) sounds.