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The Basement (first of a series)

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About This File

This is the basement of a large power plant recently taken over. Several Space Marines have already failed to retake. It is crucial that this plant not remain in enemy hands. It is reported that there are spiders in the basement...

The layout of this plant is NOT 'steering'. By that I mean that the layout does not force you down any particular path. There are suggestions (in the form of dead marines) that you take a different route - it's up to you to head the warnings left by your late comrades who thought to charge right in, pistol flashing. The building is logically laid out and as realistic as DOOM2 allows. Again - this WAD is very free-form. Attention to detail and realism are the watch-words here. Explore. If you are one of those who go charging into every room - you WILL die. This level can kill-you-quick. Try to put yourself in your guys shoes - would YOU really sprint into the middle of an enemy filled room??? Fools rush in, etc... 'nuff said. Husband your resources. There is plenty of ammo to complete the level - if you don't waste it. Make those shots count, Marine! There are no real puzzles to figure out to complete the level. If something seems impossible for you to accomplish, either there is probably another way to get the same results or else you don't HAVE to go that way to complete the level. All weapons, including the backpack, are available, except the BFG. This is a large WAD designed primarily for single player and coop play by *cooperative* coop players. Due to the size, a 50 MHz 486 is recommended. Skill levels: Skill levels are incorporated with Hurt Me Plenty roughly equivalent to Ultra-Violence in the original game. Ultra-Violence is meant to be a real challenge, even to the best doomers. Even I die occasionally on UV.

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Unknown date

For a wad made in 95', this is pretty good. I enjoyed the new sounds too.

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Unknown date

Good fun. It's an attractive powerplant map, and for July 1995 the level of detail and interest is very impressive. It has a non-linear path and some replacement sounds of variable quality, although the pistol sound is an improvement on Doom's. It's not so large that you can get lost, and the mood and attention to detail is held throughout. A forgotten semi-classic of the early days.

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  • File Reviews

    • By SeanLeal · Posted
      Dear Doomkid,

      I was involved in the design and play-test of each of these levels. Please know these were created from *scratch* and we spent our time making sure the levels were as playable as possible. We were not terribly focused on texturing, other than to give players positional awareness in different parts of each arena.

      Map 6 -- Offices of Death -- Was intentionally designed to be as accurate a representation of the office we worked in as possible. Admittedly, playability was taken as a second priority. We did manage to create working "elevators" and "stairs" to give the illusion you were going up and down floors. I was pretty happy with how we did.

      Considering it was 1996, and no way to simply "Google" different ideas. Your best bet at the time was to jump onto the Usenet and hope you could find a decent board with active members. Other than that, it was pretty much all self-taught.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the other levels. Yes, they are old-school, big arena, style. We spent a LOT of time trying to make sure they were as balanced as possible, with escape routes, and required risks for rewards.
    • By Summer Deep · Posted
      Excellent stuff for the mid-1990s. Lots of action, good layouts, pretty challenging on UV.    9/10
    • By Meril · Posted
      For 1995 design is ok. But is VERY short. 3 min in slow pace.  Map is easy af.
    • By Meril · Posted
      Square rooms, no details, ugly. Secrets aren't flagged as secret. Only for crappy-wad-lovers.
    • By Meril · Posted
      For 1995, not bad. Some ideas, are really cool, but they're mixed with dumb things. Texture misalignments are common. Overall I had nice time with this.