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About This File

HUNTED.WAD is for DEATH MATCH!!! Straight forward smash-mouth design in the spirit of FLENZERZ & MOJO.WAD. I always leave out that annoying CLAW so don't look for it!!! THE HUNT has been heavily play-tested and is ready for the pros... All my wads are "NOT" recomended for beginners. It takes a keen eye and a steady hand...You gotta know those key strokes 'caus this aint that runninaround shoot anything that moves DOOM thing, it takes a little more brain work and coordination... None of my wads are for people who like to hide so get out there and fight!!! Monsters are for target and maneuver practice only!!!

I'd love to know how HUNTED plays with 4 players. I don't have the opportunity to fight over a network :( Someone let me know!!! E-Mail your oppinions gripes and war stories.

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Yet another deathmatch level misplaced in the single player section. This is a symmetrical arena with many edge corridors with goodies. The arena is full of dangerous fire gargoyles and has D'sparil himself. I couldn't find the exit.


Despite being advertised as E1M1, it's really E2M6.

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Unknown date

Clearly not a single player level, and the narrow dark corridors should not work very well in DM. 1/5. ~Naan

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