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About This File

This level was originally designed as a death match level. I threw in some monsters and changed the layout to make it a playable level too. Its a pretty quick level to clear though, due to its simple design. As a Death Match level, its a pretty fun romp. Its designed to give the feel of having three floors on the same level. The bottom floor, The Sewers, has the basic weapons. The middle floor offers some beefier fire-power. The top, tech-level floor has the big-mommas. So the flow of battle is upward. It tends to be a pretty fast-paced kill- fest. There are plenty of places to commit suicide, for those so inclined 8^)

Note that there are 2 exits to this level. Note also that this level is a secret level. The first exit is the normal exit. The hidden exit (nearby) brings you back to this same secret level. So it is possible to loop this level. This makes it easy to play to a certain number of kills. When you have x kills, run to the second exit. The second exit brings you right back for more carnage!!

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last room was beautiful...easy,sho rt but decent classic map

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Unknown date

Nice sewer map; it's small, but it looks good (even though some things are a little strange), and plays okay. Thanks to the berserk pack, it's great for Tyson play. Its non-linear design allows you to do stuff in almost any order. Two tips: look for a teleport somewhere in the crusher room, and look around a bit before you push the exit switch. ;-) Plays on E1M9. --3/5

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Unknown date

As with so many ancient maps, it looks a lot cooler from the automap. Really nice early attempt at light-sourching in the blue exit room. Cool stuff from the past here, but it's an easy breeze with just under 50 baddies.

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  • File Reviews

    • By whirledtsar · Posted
      An odd wad in which you play a Hexen class while fighting Heretic monsters in Heretic-textured levels. Surprisingly, it works pretty well, and is an interesting change of pace from either game. It retains Hexen's hub design, although it's not at all puzzley, just a "go and collect 3 items and return to the hub" quest. It's very combat-focused (there's almost 400 enemies in the final level), but unlike some Heretic maps, it doesn't end up feeling like a slog. Perhaps Hexen's weapons are just more powerful than Corvus's. The level design is very good, besides a couple of sore spots (the cramped areas of the lava level, the metal maze in the final level). The boss, D'Sparil, is much easier to kill than he was in Heretic; he probably should've been modded to have a better chance against Hexen's warriors.
    • By Philnemba · Posted
      A fun heavily modified tougher version of Doom 1's E1M6 dated back in April of 94(yes same month of origwad). Its starts a bit hectic but with so many shotgun guys and plenty of health throughout the map, its actually not that hard to go through. However like any 94 wad, it has typical misaligned textures, a few HOMs, and had to use noclip cheat to grab the last card key due to ceiling being too low to pass under. Despite its age and a few minor stuff, its a fun wad from 1994 and I would recommend to give it a try :)
    • By whirledtsar · Posted
      Excellent wad for Hexen fans. It stays true to the style/spirit of the original game while introducing new ideas. The level / hub design is interesting, the combat is well-balanced, texturing is well-done and well-aligned, and there are plenty of interesting scripted events. The wings are used in a very smart way - you're able reach many previously unreachable items and paths. The only thing I disliked was the "boss" of the final level. I won't spoil it, but it's quite disappointing.   Unfortunately there is a bug in The Castle Of Fluft - the flame mask switch is not set to "repeatable", so if you try to use it without the prerequisite mask, you won't be able to use it again when you do. If you encounter this bug, type "puke 10" to activate the script the mask normally would.
    • By Lane Powell · Posted
      This seems like a semi-hidden gem. The author's other WAD Crimson Canyon won a Cacoward, though I prefer this one.   It certainly lives up to its namesake. The textures are all Hell's green marble and blood, supplemented with custom textures including some modified Giger designs and some creepy sprites I recognize from Monolith's Blood. The map designs are seriously contorted. It's probably a divisive aspect of the set. In some levels the angular layouts wrap around themselves in a jagged mesh, creating devilish mazes with slightly obscure progression, and where fireballs can fly at you from different parts of the map. Other parts are darker and more claustrophobic. It's all a totally hostile atmosphere.   There are some common themes gameplay-wise but you'll know them by map 2. A big one is ammo constriction, especially on UV. Certain maps seem near unbeatable without finding key secrets.   This was actually one of the first WADs I completed a few years ago, and on revisiting it it feels very fresh. Like most memorable WADs, it rides on strong concepts and some devilish gameplay while targeting a distinctive theme.
    • By RonLivingston · Posted
      It almost looks as if what pestilence from hexen 2 would look like in this mod