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About This File

This level was originally designed as a death match level. I threw in some monsters and changed the layout to make it a playable level too. Its a pretty quick level to clear though, due to its simple design. As a Death Match level, its a pretty fun romp. Its designed to give the feel of having three floors on the same level. The bottom floor, The Sewers, has the basic weapons. The middle floor offers some beefier fire-power. The top, tech-level floor has the big-mommas. So the flow of battle is upward. It tends to be a pretty fast-paced kill- fest. There are plenty of places to commit suicide, for those so inclined 8^)

Note that there are 2 exits to this level. Note also that this level is a secret level. The first exit is the normal exit. The hidden exit (nearby) brings you back to this same secret level. So it is possible to loop this level. This makes it easy to play to a certain number of kills. When you have x kills, run to the second exit. The second exit brings you right back for more carnage!!

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last room was beautiful...easy,sho rt but decent classic map

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Unknown date

Nice sewer map; it's small, but it looks good (even though some things are a little strange), and plays okay. Thanks to the berserk pack, it's great for Tyson play. Its non-linear design allows you to do stuff in almost any order. Two tips: look for a teleport somewhere in the crusher room, and look around a bit before you push the exit switch. ;-) Plays on E1M9. --3/5

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Unknown date

As with so many ancient maps, it looks a lot cooler from the automap. Really nice early attempt at light-sourching in the blue exit room. Cool stuff from the past here, but it's an easy breeze with just under 50 baddies.

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  • File Reviews

    • By dylux · Posted
      What I disliked: The 64/PSX (whatever) sounds, the lack of ammo, the unrewarding secrets, the recoiling of weapons and the "new" translucent Imps. I especially disliked the atmosphere - my eyes were hurting after Map 04. Almost every button you activate will spawn monsters coming out of the woodwork.    I DID like the Mapsets, though. It's unfortunate that the atmosphere ruined them for me.   This game should've been called "Spectre" 'cause there were more of them than every other monster in the game. Again, the gloomy atmosphere made them especially annoying.   I've read the sequel to this WAD is much better...but for this one, it just wasn't fun for me.   1 1/2 Stars out of 5
    • By Rimantas · Posted
      Layout is superb, difficulty is hellish. Would be perfect final level, because as pistol start is way too hard. However i'm finishing it on UV without freelook, jumping or any other cheats.
    • By Spectre01 · Posted
      Cool circular layout and a very high level of detail. Gameplay provides a fun challenge and none of it feels like a chore. 4/5
    • By Tango · Posted
      Fun stuff. Visuals, gameplay, music selection, it's all there :D
    • By Spectre01 · Posted
      Impressive visuals and scale for its time. Epic memes are thankfully limited to secret areas. map04/final quarter stretch is extremely cheeseable compared to the rest. Plenty of time spent cleaning up turret enemies. 3/5