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The Halls of Cain

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About This File

'sa biblical reference, innit? First murderer and all that. Seemed a bit of a laugh to call it that I 'spose. Prob'ly a defmatch level, then. 'Course, if it gots monsters, ya could have a go at it solo, too, I 'xpect.

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Unknown date

This is a small, ugly-looking level that has no flow. The weapons are scattered around randomly, and although there are a couple of puzzles, it's really just a deathmatch level with some monsters. There's a hairy bit with a couple of archviles, but you have lots of rockets.

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Unknown date

If it's a DM level, then PUT IT IN with the other DM levels. As a single-player level this wad is more boring than Remedial English.

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  • File Reviews

    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      you're not gonna find anything but the nitty and gritty in this small map, which looks and appropriately plays like a standard MAP01. small-scale combat, divided into three sections with several secrets in each one. yes, it's easy, but given that its a speedmap by nature it is pretty much made to be quick and easy.
    • By intx · Posted
      The WAD prides itself with being one of the the most difficult WADs that exist. The first few levels are hard but fun. You're curious if you can escape the situations you are put in. But by level 10 or so it becomes clear that HR2 is not hard, it's just unfair and tedious.   You are put in situations where you're forced to take damage. You're trapped in a room with four baron of hells. You wasted all your energy ammo on the boss battle before, not anticipating the situation you were put in and you cannot use rocket launcher because there is no room to evade the splash damage. Unfortunately, this happens in every map.   After reloading and planning for those situations (that do not require skill but only the use of the quick load button) you again have to chew through dozens of hard-to-kill monsters. When you press that button and are greeted again with 20 revenants, 10 hell knights, 10 baron of hells and 3 arch-viles. There is an abundance of ammo and enough cover to easily kill them off, but you still question every action that took you to reload and tediously gun them down again for 5 straight minutes.   In short: The map design is uninteresting. The layout mostly alright. This WAD puts you in unfair positions and makes you tediously chew through hordes of monsters without any real demand for skill. There is a lack of interesting monster encounters. All in all, 2/5 stars, do not recommend.
    • By CYBERIA · Posted
      Meh. Good for a first level. Nothing special. Average. I could see it on a 1000 DOOM level CD. Its ok.
    • By CYBERIA · Posted
      Gave me chills I'll give you that, but thats only because im a wuss and its 2:00 AM. Other than that, just straight crap. Its just 3 dark rooms. Thats all.
    • By CYBERIA · Posted
      Reminds me of Portal but is ultimately a stupid WAD.   P.S. I hit the bottom without cheats, therefore it isn't endless.