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The Halls of Cain

   (2 reviews)
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About This File

'sa biblical reference, innit? First murderer and all that. Seemed a bit of a laugh to call it that I 'spose. Prob'ly a defmatch level, then. 'Course, if it gots monsters, ya could have a go at it solo, too, I 'xpect.

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Unknown date

This is a small, ugly-looking level that has no flow. The weapons are scattered around randomly, and although there are a couple of puzzles, it's really just a deathmatch level with some monsters. There's a hairy bit with a couple of archviles, but you have lots of rockets.

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Unknown date

If it's a DM level, then PUT IT IN with the other DM levels. As a single-player level this wad is more boring than Remedial English.

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  • File Reviews

    • By rdwpa · Posted
      So bad it's good.    End of maps tend to be marred by three keys and their associated doors being scattered in remote parts of the mazes, often requiring traversal that far exceeds what came before, despite most of the monsters being dead. So IDCLEV to next once you've cleared most of the map.
    • By Arrowhead12 · Posted
      Waaay too much ammo, power-ups and health.   Hurtfloors do not hurt you.   Spider Masterminds and Arachnotrons are usually clipped into geometry, as the author was not aware of their sprite size.   Key locations are too predictable. Once you unlock the first keyed door, you will always receive the next key immediately in the room you unlocked.   Levels are poorly implemented and pathed, meaning that you will be doing a lot of backtracking.   Very large maps on average - but without much visual variation between maps. Extremely easy on UV, due to the above issues.   Somehow, I still played through it all - and while being pretty poor, I still had little bits of enjoyment feeling so overpowered.   [2/5]
    • By seed · Posted
      "Space all over again."   Thus Doomed in Space has endeth, played through GZDoom 4.1.3 on Expert difficulty. An interesting story oriented wad, so let's see what else is there to it.   DIS is a 13-level Doom wad centered around exploring space stations and story. It comes with a background menu, fonts, status bar, intermissions screen, enemies, weapons, and sounds, almost TC levels of modifications. The actions takes almost exclusively on various stations, apart from some a few open areas here and there.   The difficulty curve is the traditional kind, starting easy and getting more difficult as you progress, although it never really gets difficult overall. And this is perhaps where the one major flaw lies: the gameplay.   In simple words, the gameplay of DIS is very slow paced. The enemies are moving very slow, their attacks are slow, and the weapons have a slow rate of fire as well, in addition to not carrying any punch (they're all laser based, so I guess they can't really carry any). This unfortunately makes the whole experience very, very tedious, to the point it's a struggle to keep pushing forward. Everything is so slow that is rapidly turns into boredom, after just a few maps.   The maps themselves also feel too similar to each other, despite contributions from various authors. Apart from a few which have open areas and also make use of GZDoom features and tricks, they have a very vanilla and cyberpunk feel but fail to impress and use the textures to their maximum. The white color is also overused, almost Doom Alpha levels of overused. They have an interesting layout and good flow, but with the sole exception of certain places on a few maps, they're boring to explore.   Unfortunately, there isn't much else to add this time, so to sum up, DIS is an interesting concept but it doesn't capitalize on its ideas. There isn't much that stands out and it doesn't have a whole lot going for it, apart from the ideas and an interesting story. According to the last intermission screen, there may be a sequel, and my personal advice for a sequel is to: make the maps more impressive. As they currently are, there's barely anything that really stands out. The weapons and enemies need to be much faster than they currently are, if the action is too slow paced it is way too easy to fall into boredom, in addition to the weapons not feeling satisfying to use, their sound design is lacking. Coupled with a few peaceful music tracks, and you have a serious problem in your hands. If all these things get remedied in a potential sequel, I think it will really shine, because there are fundamental issues going on which prevent it from reaching its full potential. Is it worth a shot? I say yes, but I will also not pretend that if it fails to catch the attention of the player it is best to stop after a few maps. The formula doesn't change and after a few levels, you have pretty much seen everything. Otherwise, if you're looking for something slow, just to relax, it might be a great candidate. If you prefer faster paced combat and more impressive levels, I would recommend checking out Doomed Space Wars after/instead of Doomed in Space. They share similar goals, but have very different themes and vary greatly in execution. DSW also has much faster paced combat and is noticeably more difficult, so if you're looking for a challenge, it offers just that. So, pick up your futuristic weapons and start blasting monsters to pieces.
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      here is an experimental wad that tries some arcade-style gameplay for Doom. make a simple arena repeated over the span of 32 maps, give the player a reasonable set of amenities in the weapons, ammo, and health provided, and then fight a wave of enemies. it in fact was made specifically for an lmp competition, and I wonder what it's about? going through as much as you can a la Ironman-style?   for the casual players out there, The Great Arena will likely bore, especially with the first waves since you get so many supplies. you'll also realize a complete lack of armor and a lack of BFG, which tries to amp the challenge a little more. the general strategy for most maps is to find where your enemies start and when you can, circle around the arena continuously until everything demonic stops moving, then use the lift and exit, although if you're bold you can just exit any time. notable rounds are 20 and 28 with their multiple cyberdemons, as well as a sort of breather in 29 with like two archies before the mancubi-riddled finale. most of the waves consist of just one enemy, which probably makes things a bit boring, although some rounds do have two types of monsters. note that 31 and 32 are pretty much unused, with scattered powerups and no monsters, you get the feeling these were deathmatch levels. also no monsters show up in the stands. this is a simple time-killer, and you could do better elsewhere.   also this mapset for some reason crashes ZDoom at times when trying to load the next level after hitting the exit switch. I have no idea what could potentially be causing this, especially with every level being the exact same layout.
    • By seed · Posted
      "Force may be with you. Always."   And thus Doomed Space Wars endeth, played through GZDoom 4.1.3 on UV difficulty. That's one interesting Star Wars themed wad, so let's see what do we have here.   Doomed Space Wars is a 12-map Star Wars themed wad centered around fast gunplay and atmosphere. It comes with new enemies, textures, sounds (the majority of which originating from PSX Doom), effects, status bar, intermission screens.   The levels themselves are large and complex, but fairly straightforward at the time, with plenty of exploration to do, but not mandatory at the same time, most of which can be pretty much avoided, with good flow and progression. The enemies are well placed, not too dissimilar from the likes of Plutonia or Scythe, requiring the player to act thoughtfully and especially fast. The combat itself is very fun and fast paced for the most part, showing no signs of slowing down at any point. The maps offer a decent amount of resources with some very juicy secrets in places, but managing them well is essential, assuming it is all going to be easy is a costly mistake, and mistakes are punished, but not through cruel or unfun means.   The difficulty is the traditional kind, starting easy and getting more difficulty as you make progress in the wad. That being said, the wad does make it clear even from the very first room of MAP01 that some opposition will definitely be faced down the road and it won't be a mere walk in the park with fancy looking levels and poor gameplay, they both go hand in hand in DSW. The wad also make good use of GZDoom effects such as colored lightning which adds extra atmosphere to the levels, and 3D floors. Colored lightning, along with the sound design, add a PSX Doom touch, with the weapon and enemy sounds originating mainly from that port. The enemy count ranges between a few dozen at times, to a few hundred, but goes no higher than 400. After all is said and done, the wad ends with a battle against the Chaos Elemental, and especially deadly version of the Pain Elemental who fires projectiles and with much more health.   Perhaps the main flaw of the wad shows in the secret levels, or rather, MAP11. This is because this level is little more than a filler, or, depending on the perspective, an easter egg. It is a PSX Doom styled level, which feels out of place when taking in consideration the rest of the SW-themed maps. Another problem is the fact that some enemies are overused, the Sentry drones are everywhere, by far the most common enemy in the entire wad. Interestingly, it also carries a System Shock 1 vibe.   All things considered, DSW ends up as a fantastic SW themed wad. It is obviously a passion project that manages to capture the atmosphere of the movies very well in its base levels, and there's plenty of new things to see in each map to keep you asking for more, and more. The authenticity and detail is surprising on quite a few levels, showing that it goes well beyond simply giving a SW vibe with symbols and textures in its maps and tries to immerse the player into them as well, building an actual, believable world, all while staying 100% Doom, probably the main reason why it does not feature any new weapons, and all vanilla enemies are present, in addition to entirely new ones. It is well worth a shot, even if you aren't too much in SW, a similar story to Pirate Doom. Now grab your light saber and cut 'em droids.