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About This File

Judgement day is here. You have been judged marine, and here is your punishment. Hell. Just like you thought it would be. Frightening, terrifying. Words cannot describe the pain your soul and body are about to experience.

2DIE IN HELL is a single-player AND a deathmatch wad. It is a sequel to the popular 2DIE deathmatch wad. Play this level in single player mode first! Then experience the horror of eternal deathmatches in hell with your fellow marines!

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Unknown date

I liked it - glitches?

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Unknown date

a melting pot of themes, Inferno/wood/green walls, not that bad, but some glitches anyway

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  • File Reviews

    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      those who are aware of ZPack know that the most amazing levels in the megawad come straight from Vader, which include the two maps here along with Blackrock (which sadly wasn't a standalone release). Thunderpeak nails the grim atmosphere, a derelict powerplant with demons running in the dark, and while the place seems quite complex, in reality things aren't entirely so bad. the place is designed well, there's vents to crawl through and enemies to take down in each area. progression is decent enough as well. the second level has an appropriate boss fight, but the prelude before it works alright as well. it's not actually that tough, but it's sure a memorable experience, and this being a standalone release makes it much better than just IDCLEVing to this mapslot in ZPack. not that all of ZPack sans Vader is bad though. this is just the best of the bunch.
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      for the few of you who knew Fellowzdoomer like I did, this was a person who mapped on an Android device. if you take a look at the editor used, you'll also see DMapEdit, which is definitely no Doom Builder. nevertheless, I've never seen any really amazing work from Fellowzdoomer and this isn't different. it's basically a concept of taking Dead Simple and making it work for Ultimate Doom, barons when killed open up an exit area with shotgun guys where the exit is in the northwest corner, and that's basically it. very primitive, no polishing done, it's super simplistic but completely lacks excitement factor.
    • By JudgeDeadd · Posted
      A level with a lot of atmosphere, but the gameplay leaves a bit to be desired. There's too much of shooting monsters locked in cells or squeezed in tight corridors.
    • By JudgeDeadd · Posted
      Two very cool maps which use ZDoom features extensively, yet purposefully. The difficulty level is fairly easy, but never overly so.   In many other ZDoom mods, the advanced port features feel like a gimmick to spice up otherwise poor levels. Thunderpeak is different. Here the slopes, scripts, custom monsters and so on are used very well and enhance the overall experience. Recommended.
    • By Misty · Posted
      Interesting black and white palette, which makes things look differently and weird. Besides that, this only one big testing room with pillars, switches to press and few baddies to shoot. I'd be curious to see how things look in normal doom palette.