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Deimos Moon Base, Anguilla Crater

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About This File

Welcome to uca.zip. This mission replaces e2m1. This is also the first WAD I've constructed, using DEU5.1 and BSP1.0. I hope you enjoy it. If so, or if not, please give me feedback so I know how to make my next one even better.

This is a slightly revised version of UCA. Players probably won't notice any real changes in gameplay. Anyways, UCA now supports coop player mode but NOT deathmatch. I probably wouldn't have bothered to upload this revised version, except that the original uploaded version somehow "disappeared." So, I am re-uploading, and why not make a few small changes? :)

UCA is challenging, but definitely possible to complete. Believe me, I've play-tested it often enough. :-)

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First in the UCA series, cool hellish-tech theme adventure, inspect closer the hole at the beginning and the baron's den (unmarked door).

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Unknown date

This is another one of those "my first level" maps. But surprisingly it's not bad; although it's inferior to the original Id levels and very old-fashioned nowadays, it entertained me and was probably a hit in 1994. There are a couple of good-looking areas and you get to lure some barons into a crusher, which is fun. It starts off badly, with some hellish caverns, but there's enough variety to make up for it. The giant stack of crates near the last key is simple but effective.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Argenteo · Posted
      Surreal psycho-robot salad. Love that frantic chessboard arena fight vs Cyberdemon. Slow moving rockets??
    • By Argenteo · Posted
      A bit dark at first, don't go blowing the barrels in your face, the maps were getting better as I follow the episode. I remember getting lost in e2m7 (my favourite).
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Large techbase with a "labyrinthic" layout with some interesting special effects like invisible walls, including the weirdest choice of putting a invisible wall beyond a door making you think that you can pass it, but not. Plus includes non-toxic nukage (i like when in maps, especially in old ones, this thing happens!) and monsters. And big boxes of ammo. A lot of both, actually. This map could be put as some sort of slaughtermap, but not that difficult as you can think. So, just an endurance test.   The map crashes on vanilla doom.exe when saving and found some minor bugs for the invisible floors trickery at the lift after the yellow key.   Overall, a cool and thought map, overall.
    • By Oldschoolgeek32 · Posted
      E2M1 E2M1 is a good yet puzzling map. It contains chalk full of puzzles, secrets, and confusing traps alongside slightly cramped hallways. I also like the hellish theme incorporated and it could nearly pass as an "Inferno" Map! Another thing is that, its really impressive for 1994 and implements a lot of aspects in Doom Puzzles. Overall, a good map, could do some slight improvements on texture use though. E2M2 E2M2 on the other hand is an arena-like battle map. a lot of the architecture such as the pyramid is pretty cool and some other aspects of the map. The space of this map is quite big and it could use some more monsters and more guns with its overall big atmosphere..an average battle map, not bad! 
    • By joepallai · Posted
      An excellent early map with a focus on exploration.