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About This File

This is the third level I've dreamed up (Get BDS1.exe (DOOM) and BDS2.exe (DOOM2) if you haven't already!). This is my first level totally conceived within the DOOM2 environment... hope you enjoy it!

This is not as large a level as my first two, but it is very challenging. The "floorplan" is basically a symetric four quadrant design, and as such - easy to get disoriented in. The center (which is where you begin in both single player and multi-player) is a large room divided into 4 areas by an elevated "cross" that is actually a lift. Each of the four center sections open into rooms which contain goodies - at a price. Further exploration of the area will find access to keys and surprises !

If you find yourself in the yellow key area, you will HAVE to face the Cyberdemon (my personal favorite) before escaping with the yellow key (the exception being on lower difficulty levels). The yellow key door (off the center room lift) is tricky - beware...you can get in, BUT NOT OUT without the yellow key ! This is where you'll find the BFG and plasma rifle... You CAN exit the level without going into the "yellow key area", but, I hope there are no cowardly marines in this outfit !!

My advice is to get the blue key first, because if you get to the "wooden room" and successfully make the "jumps" to get to the blue key door, and DON'T have the blue key - you're screwed. This, however, makes for interesting multiplayer play... One trick for successfully navigating the wooden room - make your way to the two overlook doorways, and time a couple of rockets so that you get the Revenant and Baron shooting at each other. It will save you ammo and is an interesting vantage point for them duking it out! (Check out the demo...)

There ARE some secret areas. One, I call the cave - is pretty big, and you can get the chainsaw as well as dead there. Try to find it - I hint at it in the demo. If you like to go for 100% secrets, try to find the "hidden Revenant". If you do, he'll surprise YOU !

I had deathmatch in mind with this level. Use the lifts and transporters to set up ambushes. Deathmatch 2.0 will insure plenty of ammo, etc. (I recommend the "No Monsters" flag from either the command line or Death Manager shell - much better for Deathmatch, and it runs faster...)

I'll not say anymore - now hop to it! ...and save your game often... (The save game bug I got a couple of complaints from in my previous BDS2 - "The Phantom" level is not present in this level).

As with The Kicker and The Phantom, my best advice is to KEEP MOVING!

* To play "FourPlay":

With the BDS3.wad file in the DOOM2 directory type:

doom2 -file bds3.wad

Choose a difficulty setting of your choice.

If you would like a "tour", please help yourself to the demo I've included. I'll show you SOME of the secrets... To run the demo, with BDS3.wad AND BDS3DEMO.lmp in your DOOM2 directory type:

doom2 -file bds3.wad -playdemo bds3demo

(This demo was created using DOOM2, version 1.9 - it will not play when running a previous version)

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Unknown date

This is a level by a man called Barry D. Sebastian. It was released a year before Belle & Sebastian released their debut album; spooky. Judging by Google, Mr Sebastian contracted squamous cell cancer of the neck in 1997, but as of 2008 he seems to have recovered, cross fingers. The level itself is a decent but uninteresting early map, with a repetitive design. You can get stuck in a couple of places. Good luck to the author though.

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Unknown date


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Unknown date

Kinda boring.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Woolie Wool · Posted
      Did you like doom2.wad? This is like doom2.wad, only harder. In that respect, D2TWID succeeds quite handily.   That said, I find the maps are good in pretty much inverse proportion to how "experimental" they are, "experimental" being a euphemism for "forget everything the community has learned since 1994 on what makes maps fun to play" or "relive Sandy Petersen's worst ideas". There are many great maps like 3, 6, 11, 13, 15, 18, 23, and 29 that have either fast, fluid combat, rewarding exploration, or both, interspersed with "experimental" maps like 5, 9, 10, 19, 24, and 28 that "experiment" with every possible way to annoy and frustrate the player--mandatory treks across damaging floors sans radsuit, health-tax teleports into crowds of enemies at close range, irritating teleport puzzles, heinous Pain Elemental spam encounters (the entire wad could be treated as a course in how not to use Pain Elementals), awkward platforming, hideous texture combinations. Overall this map has more highs than lows but the lows can get really, really low.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Small and fun map indeed, some neat stuff despite the year it was done.
    • By bowserknight · Posted
      The first time I played this it took me like 10 hours just to complete map 02 because I kept getting stuck and I always try to find as many secrets as I can. In this wad I had pretty bad luck with that. But the journey on your first playthrough is really amazing, you wander around until you finally find the way forward and that always feels really nice. It's cool how the entire map 02 is a mix between exploration and monster fighting. It has its moments that can make you feel uneasy, like spotting random eyes that stare at you through the walls or similiar small details. The Binding of Isaac secrets are a little silly tho, to be honest. I do love the replacement for the BFG tho! Balancing your health for a burst of damage is a fun and risky mechanic.   Map 03 is way more straightforward, it's like a short gauntlet towards the final boss. This map has a lot of parts that can feel unfair, like spawning explosive Lost Souls or trap bombs right next to you. Or the abundance of Archviles later on. While I personally don't mind the Archvile library, it can still royally mess you up if you don't take them step by step. The final boss could be fun too, but its 2nd phase is just too much. More strong monsters and also Archviles, with zero walls to hide behind. I have never been able to beat the final boss legit, I always get one of the randomized powerups and hope I get an invulnerability, so I can spam the Necronomicon endlessly. It's the only way I can beat it, the fight is either way too hard or way too easy if you use this method.   I love the ending tho, very creepy.
    • By bowserknight · Posted
      This might just be my favourite horror-ish Doom wad of all time, apart from myhouse, Maskim Xul and maybe some other ones.   What I like: +the overall theme +your house being a hub area +the dark atmosphere +the semi open-endedness of the progression +there are no jumpscares or anything of that sort +the fact that the game remembers your progress while alternating between maps +the music +the difficulty, even tho it is indeed a little too much sometimes   What I dislike: -A few certain fights that feel unfair (some examples: the long hallway where you get one of the keys and Archviles spawn behind you, there's no place to hide from their attack; or later when you return to the lower floors of the 1st major area, the fights in the narrow rooms with Archviles, immediately followed by a swarm of chainsaw zombies, where your only hope is to camp on top of an object; or some of the slaughter fights later on, especially in the chapel area) -the ending feels meh
    • By bowserknight · Posted
      It's a pretty fun bunch of maps with some interesting designs. Just don't try to get 100% kills, on most of the later maps it's not even possible.