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About This File

This level was designed to be used as a Deathmatch level for Doom2. This level is basically one big room with four platforms of different heights. There is an elevator (not a lift) in the centre. You can access all four platforms with this elevator, or you can take the stairs along the outer walls. All weapons, except for the BFG, are available. There is no exit on this level. There are no monsters on this level.

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Unknown date

The level doesn't seem all that bad for 4 players, but what's with the lack of guns in each one of Ielapi's maps? I would give a higher score if he had put some guns, con sarnit.

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  • File Reviews

    • By RedCrimson · Posted
      That was awesome! Feels like a cut level. My only complaint would be the difficulty being a bit too far on the easy side with the open areas, especially in the cyber demon's RGB gamer basement (I played on U.V). Everything else about the map felt like a lot of love was put into it, the way the UAC building and its cargo area was laid out felt like a real place that still works from a gameplay perspective (for the most part i.e, very open sectors). The cargo crate fight in particular really stood out to me as a "whoa!" moment. The basement area next to the travelators was really cool, it was like stumbling upon another threat after going through most of my resources for the cyber demon and feeling worried but excited at the same time. Having to focus up to dash through and grab ammo before I could clear them out was really memorable. I admit I did noclip to the exit after the rock collapse, because I wasn't sure what I missed. All-in-all, awesome map, glad I played it :)
    • By AHemlocksLie · Posted
      This was a solid set of maps. Maps feel relatively intuitive and don't meander too much, some of the fights are actually pretty challenging, and ammo, health, and armor feel available without being overly plentiful. Not much to complain about here, and especially solid considering how early it released.
    • By DiavoJinx · Posted
      In the 90s when released, this map was -- as the kids might say -- mind blowing. ;-) It's still a great map today in 2024, for gameplay & design.   What I've loved most all these years is the imaginative design. It starts at a UAC facility under infestation. You start inside an overturned truck, and releasing yourself you're in a large open area. After some exploration you make your way into the main building, and then after a demonic UAC board meeting, there's a "secret" entrance to a dark redrock cavern that simply feels like a deep, dark secret held by the UAC (as intended). That opens up to a massive cave, with an Indian Jones "leap of faith" style invisible staircase (which was unique & special in the OG Doom engine back then) across this massive space over lava. That leads to a ceremonial green marble room with a Cyberdemon encircled by Lost Souls. When you make you way back out and seeming go to exit, there's a "roof collapse" preventing access to the exit door you were aiming for, so you open an obvious secret door nearby and ascend some stairs to get to where that door+elevator was going to take you: a hangar with a lil spacejet on the runway stretching to the darkness! Get inside and Use the flight controls console to exit the level by ostensibly taking off. Fantastic!
    • By smeghammer · Posted
      Ahhhh, 'Crossing Acheron'...  this just popped up in the 'popular now' sidebar of Doomworld. I must have played this 100 times since forever. So I thought I'd drop a quick review... Probably first played this not long after its release, so it is one of those WADs that has been with me since very early on.   Its a marble and wood cathedral of evil (and as the author says, no Acheron in sight...). Its not particularly difficult by modern standards, but it is certainly well made and consistent. For a 1994 map, it's excellent!   It's a fun, old school, blast on UV. Definitely recommend this.
    • By AHemlocksLie · Posted
      This one was pretty fun. Had some good, challenging fights, especially once things get interesting outside, and it did some cool stuff like the invisible staircase. Definitely liked the little touch with the truck tipped over, although I didn't recognize it for what it was until I saw it drawn on the map. Was cool to find the darker underground area beneath UAC.