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Very decent map from 1995. As previous comments said, it looks like a workplace with two floors tons of openable doors.


The gameplay is very classic but very enjoyable. The progression may be quite confusing, especially about finding the yellow key which was hidden in a little compartment as if it was a secret. However , discovering each room was a pretty exciting experience. 


Also this level has a cool sense of place. I really like the idea of creating "elevators" by using teleporters as well as the partially demolished 2nd floor. 


Despite being an easy level, some traps may kill you like the surprise monster closet with barons near the author's signature located at the beginning.


Aesthetics are ok but I really enjoyed the use of light gradiants in some corridors , they make the stock textures look a lot better !

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Unknown date

This is a pretty decent early level, that reminds me a bit of Half-Life. Just like that game it often verges on being a "my workplace"-type map, where you have to slog through tiny identical undetailed office rooms, but it has enough detail and variety to stand out. There's a berzerk near the start, and it's good fun to play Tyson-style - biting the ears off the monsters and raping them. It's dead easy though, with loads of plasma ammo.

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Unknown date

I actually couldnt beat this one, the layout was too confusing. Looks and plays good for a 95 map, and definitely has that "inspired by where I work" feel as the above commenter pointed out. If you're into old maps that would have been on CD's like Doom Heaven and all that kinda crap, this is just the thing for you. 3.5/5

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  • File Reviews

    • By A.H. Sankhatayan · Posted
      Seej is another early slaughtermap from Dario Casali. With roughly 1000 monsters, it surpasses both Punisher and Go 2 It.    Unlike Punisher, Seej manages to keep up its pace. The more open layout and better monster combinations make infighting much less viable and there aren't many safe spots. The item placement is also much more thought out, you actually have to explore the level to find weapons. Powerups and health are also more scarce.    The only time the level slows down is once you clean up most of the 300+ initial monsters, but then you start progressing trough it and Seej pulls its greatest trick. Schutzstaffel! If you are familiar with Dario's Requiem Map23, you'll immediately know what this means. The ghost monster setup is really similar to Requiem, they even both come out from some sort of Blood Fountain. I'm a big fan of using ghost monsters, and they are very effective here. From then, until the very end, Seej never lets down.   The level isn't very nice to look at, since 90% of it is the same brown brick texture, even though the architecture is pretty nice. Although, once you start killing, all the corpses laying around add a lot of colour to the map :)    Overall, Seej is worth playing both as a fun slaughtermap and for its historical value.    
    • By A.H. Sankhatayan · Posted
      Punisher is pretty much Dario Casali's version of Go 2 It.    From the start, the map seems to have more 2 it. The monster count is three times higher, you start getting attacked right away and there seem to be Pain Elementals everywhere. The problem is, once you gain a footing, the levels becomes much easier than Go 2 It. Monster Placement here is very haphazard, meaning that even with fever power-ups, you shouldn't have a problem. This also results in lot of infighting and not the good kind. Most of the population just kill each other even before you get 2 them. Punisher has one last trick up its sleeve though, and that is releasing a load of archviles once you progress far enough, which thankfully makes the map much more challenging again.    Overall, it's a good early slaughtermap. I think it looks better than Go 2 It, but the gameplay in its middle gets too easy, as the monster placement isn't as good as Go 2 It. Then again, it was built in 2 hours.   Punisher is still entertaining and worth playing if you like Go 2 It and want to see Dario's take on the concept.    Also, it has not new music so I suggest throwing some custom midi at it. 20 minutes of D_RUNNIN can't be good for your health.
    • By Zirtonic · Posted
      An all killer no filler wad with a novel color palette and fitting synth soundtrack. The first 3 levels fly by (in a good way) and the 4th is a beast of a closer with just over 500 demons to murder. The level design is open and begs to be properly routed/optimized, and looping back to previous areas is well implemented and feels natural. It's not a difficult map set by any means—you'll probably beat each map on your first playthrough—so don't be afraid to let loose with your weapon of choosing.   5/5, this wad accomplished what it wanted to.
    • By Boomslang · Posted
      holy fucking shit, was this made by some schizophrenic furry or something? why do the enemies spew quotes from movies, why is THE FUCKING STARSHIP ENTERPRISE AN ENEMY!? most of the sprites are unfinished and crappy, the level design is boring and bland, It's like somebody copied and pasted my first doom level over and over again for 3000 maps. i could only get to level 10 before i had enough.