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Eye of the Storm

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About This File

Made the whole level design with the thought of one encounter only (you'll know wich one when you encounter it:). The level is an exercise in how to dodge and use the BFG to full effect. If big-weapon blasts are your thing in Deathmatch then you'll want to live inside STORM.

"You find yourself in the remains of an old forttress after ascending a lift shaft from the mines where you were trapped. Signs of unlife is evident but from what you know of this place it should pose no great threat to you. It used to be the centre of a Cacodemon empire that perished some 665 yeaes ago. Oh, by the way, it's new years eve..."

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Another step in my current quest to review the Cabal series. I have to admit that the start of the map was not very promising: you start in the middle of a chaingunner ambush (luckily, with their backs turned at you) and no weapons, unless you check that star-shaped platform...but will it be an unescapable pit or something else?


As soon as you leave that center structure, you'll be bombarded from pesky revs on pillars. Don't bother killing them even if you have ammo to spare (which you might think you have, at some point, but that's just an illusion), as they will "respawn" from secret teleporters, and they might turn useful later on...


Speaking of ammo, at least until you get to the yellow key, you won't have much of it, so I thought that good old Kvernmo was back to his old "frugal" tricks again, but thankfully it's not as bad as some of the earliest entries in the Cabal series. What is at a premium however, is health, and armor more so. Simply put, try not getting hit. See those stimpacks at the beginning? Those represent about 30% of all available health on the map, and there's no scarcity of cruel hitscanners that erode your health away from afar, like rats gnawing your soul away morsel by morsel.


In any case, you can plod through the map in relative ease until you manage to collect all three keys, and then you will have to activate the cacodemon trap, where about a 100 of these buggers will flood the map, turning what has -so far- been a survival challenge into a slaughterfest. Hope you didn't waste any ammo on those pillar-sitting revs, which might turn out somewhat helpful now. It is barely possible to take every single caco down if you manage to find all the secrets, but you don't have to.  TBQH I don't know if it's possible to get past the archviles/skullkey switches area without finding extra ammo in both secrets and blasting them to oblivion before you get hurt too much. Maybe a speedrunner with more patience than me can shed more light on this.


Even after you're done with the bulk of the baddies, there are more nasty surprises waiting for you in the exit room, so I hope you didn't waste everything on the cacos, or you'll be scrounging for ammo from those final zombies.


All in all, an entertaining and engaging map.

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Journey to the lost Cacodemon Empire that perished 665 years ago...and it's new years eve...Awesome welcome party. -> The Image of Evil

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that caco wave was pretty cool.

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That's funny, how this (and previous level, "We who are About to Die", too) map is simple, small (well, not a big and complicated, at least), even somewhat rough, and in the same time, it's still interesting and puzzling challenge.

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Unknown date

Wow, this is rough. And tricky. The layout is very simple and not too much eye-candy. It's an outdoor area, similar to Map 07 of Doom 2, though slightly more complex. And harder. Lots of Chaingunners and Revenants make this very linear map somewhat tricky, the more since ammo is rare and for a very long second I faced an Archvile with my fist only ... "Eye of the Storm" is indeed an appropriate name for this, especially with regards to the finish. 3/5 -Milian

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  • File Reviews

    • By smeghammer · Posted
      errrmm... Yeah. They really don't. Its not as if they are dormant - they follow you. Even the archvile. It's slightly surreal having a mob of doom monsters following without attacking.   If that was used effectively, it might be cool. But to misquote Wolverine - it's a big square room...
    • By smeghammer · Posted
      Definitely plays a lot like E1M1. Not a bad quick play at all. I like these short-n-sweet ones!
    • By Argenteo · Posted
      Demons on fire, two-headed chaingunners riding arachnotrons, flying barons, resurrecting imps, the f***  y** demon, helicopters with plasma marine and great music by Mark Klem. Unique gameplay, tons of fun. 
    • By marco.nadal.75 · Posted
      This map will take as long to complete as an episode of original Doom. It is VERY ornate and convoluted, and somewhat directionless. I played with latest Guncaster (1.777) and latest stable GZDoom (4.5). It took me nearly 2 hours. I still don't know how to get the yellow key without jumping.   I recommend using a gameplay mod with double jump and mantling, like Project Brutality, or D4D or Guncaster. There are no new monsters or weapons, so you won't miss out on original content if you use a gameplay mod.
      There is a cool boss battle in the end. All the areas are nicely designed and detailed, and the final area looks cool. The exit area is central North, by the way. Beware, there are some inescapable traps if you play with jumping, so save often.      
    • By Argenteo · Posted
      Early M. Krause map. Through some catacombs, a cemetery courtyard, electric compounds and radioactive pools. Dark, cool detailing.