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Pain, Fear, and Anxiety: 2 Player Deathmatch

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About This File

Deathmatch level designed for 2 players. My recommendation is that this level is played with alt-death (respawning weapons), and monsters (there is only one). All the weapons are incorperated into this wad, however, ammo is somewhat limited. Getting armour is quite a task if your opponent is an experienced deathmatcher. There are a lot of little hidding spots, windows, and a few secret walls for the less aggressive Deathmatchers.

This is my first official home-brewed deathmatch board. I would appreciate any input (I know there is room for improving the textures). If you have any comment or find any bugs please send mail to the e-mail address above. If you like it tell me! If you don't, also tell me, but be sure to mention what you don't like and why, so I can use the feedback in my later trials at wad-editing. Have a blast!

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  • File Reviews

    • By Bitofu · Posted
      The first three maps are only decent, but the WAD really shines with map four and five. Map four is a big enemy base with complex architecture, but a somewhat confusing layout. It still manages to take you into interesting firefights. On the other hand, map five, my favorite, makes you decend into a small but dense underground base, chock-full of enemies. The combat here is fast and deadly, ending with a neat head of Romero fight. I had a great time with it.
    • By Bitofu · Posted
      This early christmas themed megawad loves the sound of classic carols as much as it does the shriek of 10 revenants waking up. I had fun roleplaying as Santa Claus, screaming "O-OPEN" at every wall, but the novelty of this gimmick is stretched a bit thin overall. The maps are a bit crude and you can tell some were originally meant for DM. Still, it's a worthy effort.
    • By Bitofu · Posted
      Short TC with a lovely western setting. I wish it was longer, but it's great nonetheless.
    • By Bitofu · Posted
      I'm not the biggest fan of the Serenity series, but Infinity might be its best entry. The maps are mostly fun to navigate and they feature some decent design. I'm just not sure I like the way the fights are designed. It's not uncommon for rooms to be packed with enemies (mostly sergeants). I found myself blasting my shotgun through a doorway a bit too often for my tastes. Still, it features some nice MIDIs, so the experience is mostly fun.
    • By a41zzz · Posted
      i cant download it ):