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About This File

Originally intended as a two-player DeathMatch blast, this level is made for high-speed friend-killing carnage. It does play OK on single player, though, as the (reasonably) action packed demo shows. This demo shows you all the hidden bits as well, so as to make DeathMatch games fair.

We (Andre and Tim McLachlan) wrote some new music for our first levels, but it sounded really awful on SoundBlaster. (well, Pantera- style drums are hard to get right at the best of times!) If people really want more music (and I can see how they might, the number of times I've heard the E1M1 music) then E-Mail Tim MacLachlan about his music library. He's on summer recess too, so don't expect a prompt reply.

If your version has some additional wads (THRASH.WAD, TWILIGHT.WAD) then these contain the music and you can include it with DOOM -file .

Oh, yes. The tutorial that comes with DEU 5.2 says that you can't align textures around windows and doors. This is not the case, I'm happy to say (take a look at the vine-covered structures and the marble edifice of you don't agree).

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Unknown date

A nice old-school map, built using enormous scaling, and set in a marble/stone castle. The architecture is good, even if it does tend to become a little bare (especially the starting areas). The monsters are also spread rather thin at times. Two fine secrets, look hard and you'll find them. Progression is logical, you're never lost. Memorable. Recommended. --4/5

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Unknown date

This is dated May 1994. It's simple and square, and very spread-out - it would have been boring in deathmatch with less than sixty-four players - but on the gripping hand there's a decent lot of monsters, and it gets better in the inner courtyard. It should still have been a third the size. Confusingly, the two "secrets" aren't secrets; the actual secrets are unmarked bits of wall (in darkness) that you would never find in a million years.

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  • File Reviews

    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      wow, why DON'T I like this? hmm, it's because it confused the hell out of me. looks amazing, I just wish gameplay was significantly a lot more fun. I consider it bad when I don't have a clue where the fuck I'm going a lot, and while this fairs better than a number of other didy wads, in which I was certainly lost, there were still some moments of confusion. the gimmick of using a rope to climb is pretty neat, as are the sliding fences and stuff. but as neat as it is, I care about fluid gameplay a whole lot more.
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      as much as I want to rate this higher, I can't. the themes are very nice to look at with the textures used and combat is good, but it really does leave you wanting more. it has a good beginning, good outside water area, and good lava area, nothing too grand, but that's fine.
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      weird how this one uses the Grove midi. anyways, yes, this is challenging, but very setpiece oriented with a predominantly black color throughout. almost every fight involves usage of midtier enemies, and cybies can be used to infight when necessary. it's like a ribbiks map except without too much awesome detail, and that's okay. the wad played pretty nice with a decent curve.
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      ah, finally got done with the purple edition. well, the Stomper guns are here, along with the rapid-fire rocket launcher, and what do you know, the enemies here are somehow a lot more enjoyable. say hello to the suicide bombers again, while the grells may actually be a much better flying enemy than the cacodemons. the possessed marines are douchebags and so are the immolators.   and what do we have for maps? mayhem, that's what. while not every map is a slaughtermap, these maps prove difficult in so many ways, although they were more frustrating than Orange's levels, for sure. look out for the secret slaughter arena in Benjogami's map, as well as the virtual insanity of the secret map. MAP17 will likely make you writhe due to its sheer girth, while the last two are pretty decent for slaughtermaps (though I personally recommend avoiding the secret fight in MAP18). MAP09 and MAP11 are also quite memorable. you want it hard, you got it here.
    • By Roofi · Posted
      A sexy slaughtermap dedicated to a sexy girl. Nina Dobrev 2 figures among my favourite slaughtermaps despite Nina Dobrev 1 was annoying to play.   This map has a lot of memorable parts :   - The very brutal start where you have to protect yourself from chaingunners by hiding behind a mancubus - The big castle courtyard where a very brutal fight happens. - The cute tree near the end surrounded by very viciously hidden arch-viles.   A more detailed review here (in french) : http://doomfrance.forumactif.com/t3832p25-boom-eternal-slumber-party   My demo on UV :DEMO