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The Leaf Well..

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About This File

Once upon a time there existed an amazing little well know as the Leaf Well. Every Autumn, magical little elves, who lived at the bottom of the well, would start making millions of little autumn leaves, and throw them up out of the well. The leaves would float up and up and up into the sky, scattering themselves all over the land, and covering it in a rich brown Autumn blanket.

Only this Autumn, a bunch of greedy warriors decided to go to the top of the well, and steal all the leaves for themselves, thus monopolising the leaf market, and forcing the creatures of the land to pay them gold for the leaves..

The only problem was, the warriors that went to the well to steal the leaves wanted them all for themselves, and so a fight started, and they all started trying to kick the shit out of each other.. there... great story eh?

Anyway, the actual level is a standard arena, totally symetrical, with plenty of weapons, mana, and a few artifacts here and there. If you fall down the leaf well in the middle, then you're dead..

As this was made when the editors just came out, it's design is a little limited. No cool Hexen scripts, or rotating/sliding sectors and stuff, just a standard level. It's still fun for deathmatch though, preferably with 3 or 4 players, but 2 will do. I've tried to keep it pretty balanced, with the level not giving an advantage to any class, so it should be pretty even no matter what class you choose..

If you make any cool lmps on this level, or have any flames, comments, or critisms, then send them to me! You can also find me on irc most days.. look for Snail..

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Walter confetti


A pretty fun map with a pretty well done texturing and theme usage, maybe the layout is too symmetric for modern standards? Overall, a very enjoyable experience.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Kwisior · Posted
      It's insane that this was made in 1994. The level of detail, atmosphere and feeling of exploration is simply unmatched by anything from that era. And not only that, but it actually feels like a real place. Absolutely stellar stuff; I highly recommend this to everyone, including modern players who don't typically play old stuff. You'll be blown away.
    • By dybbuk81 · Posted
      You must live very close to me my friend ;)
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Technically the first map sets in real life university, or at least the first officially accepted as one of those kind of maps. The map Is pretty complex and some areas are neat for a map made in 1994, big open structures with some good simple details in It, the layout Is intricate and good, expect for a pair of dead rooms hunting for keys and other goodies, but it's a good way to tell the player to explore the place. The only big issue is the yellow key door in the main courtyard area that doesn't open (at least in Woof port, the "latest" release) for some weird reason. Good stuff btw.
    • By Maribo · Posted
      I feel like I increasingly come across these Eternal levels where there are wide open spaces that would normally feel desolate and empty, but something about the inclusion of these odd little setpieces makes it feel... oddly touching. It's like he isn't playing by the same rule book as other people. The castle map in this WAD is like being shrunk down and getting to walk around a diorama that someone has built.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Practically a Single player campaign sets in a very dark maze of corridors and ventilation tunnels (reminded me of Aliens TC), conceptually is not a bad map but in reality the broken and cryptic progression made me dislike this, as well as the blocked exit room by a impassible line. Too large for DM too imo. Wasted occasion for something decent.