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The Leaf Well..

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About This File

Once upon a time there existed an amazing little well know as the Leaf Well. Every Autumn, magical little elves, who lived at the bottom of the well, would start making millions of little autumn leaves, and throw them up out of the well. The leaves would float up and up and up into the sky, scattering themselves all over the land, and covering it in a rich brown Autumn blanket.

Only this Autumn, a bunch of greedy warriors decided to go to the top of the well, and steal all the leaves for themselves, thus monopolising the leaf market, and forcing the creatures of the land to pay them gold for the leaves..

The only problem was, the warriors that went to the well to steal the leaves wanted them all for themselves, and so a fight started, and they all started trying to kick the shit out of each other.. there... great story eh?

Anyway, the actual level is a standard arena, totally symetrical, with plenty of weapons, mana, and a few artifacts here and there. If you fall down the leaf well in the middle, then you're dead..

As this was made when the editors just came out, it's design is a little limited. No cool Hexen scripts, or rotating/sliding sectors and stuff, just a standard level. It's still fun for deathmatch though, preferably with 3 or 4 players, but 2 will do. I've tried to keep it pretty balanced, with the level not giving an advantage to any class, so it should be pretty even no matter what class you choose..

If you make any cool lmps on this level, or have any flames, comments, or critisms, then send them to me! You can also find me on irc most days.. look for Snail..

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Walter confetti


A pretty fun map with a pretty well done texturing and theme usage, maybe the layout is too symmetric for modern standards? Overall, a very enjoyable experience.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Amaruψ · Posted
      This could've been one of the first 32 level megawads that I played after completing the base games. I've played many more since then, and I can honestly say, for a megawad dating back to 1996, it still holds up brilliantly against a lot of modern wads.    Also @DoomGuy999, about that criticism about maps being coop exclusive... "Most levels were made for co-op play, all levels are playable alone as well."   Not exactly sure what you were expecting after having an explicit statement right there.  
    • By Bitofu · Posted
      This is a fine map with a lot of work put in it. I really liked the attention to details and the overall atmosphere of the map. The intended  path is a bit hard to decipher at times, but it ends on a high note.
    • By Rujasu · Posted
      I don't hate it. It's simple and easy, but also clearly designed instead of just slapped together, even if the author is a beginner mapper from the mid-90s.
    • By Arrowhead · Posted
      A neat older megaWAD that was made predominately for co-op play:   From the readme:   "Most levels were made for co-op play, all levels are playable alone as well."   It clearly states this, but some people seem confused by this fact, somehow.   Plays just fine in SP, and is how I've played it the three times I've gone through it now.   Yes, it shows its age a bit in 2024, but what WAD from this era doesn't? Features a great soundtrack, too.   Easy 4/5, even in the current climate.
    • By Bitofu · Posted
      I really enjoyed the adventure that The Artifact takes you on. The levels are grandiose and intricate, full of interesting set pieces and somewhat obscure secrets. On UV, the difficulty is quite high and unforgiving. The icon of sin fight is a bit too complex for my tastes. Nevertheless, it shows a splendid mastery of design and progression.