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First One Out

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About This File

This PWAD replaces level one of DOOM II. It was designed as a Deathmatch Level with a new twist. The object of the level is to be the first one to hit the exit switch. Sounds easy doesn't it? Well it's harder than you think. Just try it and see. It's a lot of fun.

There are only 4 Deathmatch starts, which are placed in such a way that when you get killed and reappear you don't risk being killed immediately. If you know what I mean.

The level contains no monsters and there is absolutely no health of any kind lying around. So this calls for more cautious tactics. There is however one secret room that contains an invulnerability ball. But those things don't last long anyway.

All players start off in a central building, with a shotgun. This building is surrounded by a courtyard, which takes you to other rooms. These other rooms contain a weapon of some sort and a switch. At first, only one of these rooms is accessible. The switches in these rooms make other rooms accessible. Giving you access to more powerful weapons. The last of these rooms contains only a switch which makes the exit switch accessible. So if you thought you could just run straight to the exit switch from the start, then you were dead wrong buddy!

The exit switch is located on a high platform in the courtyard. There is a very long, thin catwalk that you must walk across to get to the exit switch. You are of course an easy target when walking across this catwalk. The last section of this catwalk will also take some health away from you. The only way to get to this catwalk is to teleport there. The teleporter is located on a very high platform in the courtyard. This platform is marked EXIT all over it. You must ride a very slow lift to the top of this platform and lose some health along the way. Remember that the only way to get your health back up to 100% is to die!

Each weapon, except the single barrel shotgun, has a price to pay. You will in most cases lose some health in obtaining a new weapon.

When the last switch, that gives you access to the exit switch, is hit, it will also make some heavy duty weapons available at no price. So if you just died and your opponent is heading for the exit switch, you will be able to quickly grab some big weapons and hunt him down. The last switch will also make some teleporters available. These teleporters are located near the Deathmatch starts and will take you to the base of the platform marked EXIT all over it. These will also come in handy if you've just been killed and your opponent is heading for the exit switch.

RULES: ===== Simple. First One Out wins. The first player to hit the exit switch wins the match. No matter who has the most frags. If you set a timer for this level and the time runs out before the exit switch has been hit, then the player with the most frags wins. If playing with 4 players, then I recommend that you form 2 teams.

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Unknown date

It's more interesting to read the readme than play the level. Clearly a bit of thought has gone into it, but it doesn't work; there aren't enough munitions for a good deathmatch, and the overall concept falls down at the end because the twisty walkway to the exit isn't very twisty. It's also obsolete in an age of internet play, because there would be no way to tell which player is the winner.

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  • File Reviews

    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      a rather surprisingly good set of three levels, tons of space to move around in, but you've got your meat set out for you here. first level isn't too much, although the water is quite deceiving. second one has you finding three separate shrines of sorts in a much longer adventure, but with some pretty tough combat to boot, last level is more open fields, loads of mancubi and arachnotrons plus several other enemies and pickups, a tough amount that bends into slaughter territory, but still managing to be a little easier to tangle with due to the large amount of space. I certainly agree, it's quite appropriate for what it has.
    • By Sasha · Posted
      A pretty cool slightly-difficult megawad with nice architecture and new types of monsters. I like it.
    • By Sasha · Posted
      A pretty cool orange-themed megawad of medium difficulty with nice architecture and new types of monsters. I like it.
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      for shame, I never got the chance to finish my map for the orange version of MAYhem 2018 due to having to move to a new area at the time (was planning a mini-boss map). like the rest of the MAYhem series, expect to experience...well...what the fuck else, mayhem. Orange Edition shows that in many of these maps, while some are fairly compact, others can take quite a bit of time like Pinchy's map with its nonlinearity, Obsidian's room-over-room magic, as well as Roofi's TOD-esque outing. and yes, the latter maps in the set are gonna be mostly slaughtermaps, but at least here they are a load of fun. to further compound this, well, there's not much in the way of new weapons apart from a much more nastier rocket launcher, but this one has quite a bit on the enemies. look out for those cybruiser, hades spheres and their elementals, very deadly and explosive. and also those fucking shadows are extremely annoying to fight.   only map I didn't like was MAP04, which annoyed me with its secrets, but this is a wonderful set to play and keeps the MAYhem trend going strong.
    • By Roofi · Posted
      300 minutes of VR is a compilation of 33 average but playable speedmaps. The maps are not really memorable but give an enjoyable classic Doom experience because of the limitations. Some maps offer more innovative ideas and are consequently more unique in the set. It was mainly designed by people outside of doomworld so I think they had never touched Doombuilder before. Otherwise , some more experienced mappers contributed in (A2rob , amok , Breezeep...)  The levels were  decent and pretty well balanced.   Here is my personnal top 5 maps :   1)Map 17 : Toomb by @HexenMapper   I really liked this map for its ambiance and it more developped adventurous aspect than the others maps. The progression is quite obscure at first sight but you can easily find the fake walls.   2) Map 09 : Go Slowly by @amok   It's a quite impressive huge map made in 300 minutes. I sometimes found the map a bit messy but has a lot of interesting details and many paths. I particularly loved the notepad located on the crate. Exploring this map was fun.   3) Map 20 : Welcome to the park by @RjY   A very unique and fun little slaughtermap. I found the theme interesting with its cute trees.   4)Map 07 : Moonlit Harbor by @A2Rob   The first pretty intense level in the mapset and it's not a boring arena with fatso and spiders. The first six maps were rather boring. It also have many fine details too?   5) Map 15 : The Room out of shape by @Breezeep   That was brutal but fun. A functional layout focused on the use of large lifts , giving consequently an interesting and perilous progression. The architecture was pleasing to see too.   Honorable mentions   Map 19 Blood Feud by Permuband : A good and well detailed non-linear Circle of Death-like map.   Map 14 : Blue Sanctuary by  Hebridean Isle  : A cute little surrounded by water temple to explore. I liked the mix between water and vine textures , and also the little boat at the end.   Map 08 : Syndicate by @Rolo : A cool theme which reminds me a lot of the last level of Streets of Rage. I digged the cityscape in the background and the red carpet inside.   FDA demos : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/341887866705674241/545975033558859776/Roofi_300minvr_demos.zip