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About This File


Map01 - Escape You must escape from the Aliens and return to earth bearing grim tidings. The aliens plan an invasion to take over the earth and use the humans as slave power, and a new food source. Map02 - City You escaped your captors and planned to hide out in their city for a few days top let things settle a bit... Only one problem the shit didn't settle... They've found your hiding spot, and you are on the run again... Map03 - shiphunt You must get the hell off this planet... 1st on the agenda... stay alive... 2nd, find a ship to steal or stowaway... You teleported out of the city into a basement of some kind... right on the heels of the retreating alien troops... Map04 - Spaceship - not happy with this level... As you sneak on board the first ship you find, the door quickly closes behind you. You hear an alien speak over the intercom telling all hands to their station... The ship takes and you kill an alien and findout the destination... BUT someone saw you and they didn't like it at all... Map05 - Landbase YOu kill everything and teleport off the ship after dropping a grenade in the reactor room. You hit the ground and begin dodging bullets... you think,"I blew the damn thing up...You see the wreakage everywhere as well as the second ship. You recognize this base... this is YOUR scientific research lab. The Military set this base up to study a live specimen of the leaders of the aliens... The might Cyber Demons... They've to release their leader and it seems you are the only resistance... You scream, "NOT THIS FUCKIN TIME YOU DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!", and you start blasting the hell out of everything that moves...

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Unknown date

I liked it - a couple bugs in map05, one unkillable monster in map02

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Unknown date

Good job

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  • File Reviews

    • By Memfis · Posted
      Good small relaxing techbase. The author shows a lot of creativity when it comes to the room shapes, and there are vertical differences between the areas everywhere. The final cacodemons seemed pointless though.
    • By Memfis · Posted
      Very basic level geometry. I guess it is somewhat fitting if you take the Egyptian theme into account, but it results in a lot of simple and repetitive encounters. At least you get a lot of plasma and rockets, so the fights don't take long.
    • By Memfis · Posted
      Way too many demons, cacodemons, and barons to kill, I got bored quickly. The design is clean and pleasant though, a little unusual even.
    • By Gaia74 · Posted
      Even though I do not like the idea of aliens being the doom demons, I love this wad, is beatiful because uses the things I love, the space bases and exploration of the universe   the second and third episode, they are really masterpieces because you see the amount of work of the creator and you really see his dedication   also some maps are ruins something that really valued since I am a lover of history so it was fascinating   Although I got stuck on some maps since the switches were too hidden, I managed to get through   I think the only thing I find bad is that their palette destroys a few mods, but if you do not care about the colors, then this is a wad that I recommend!   and also the end, it's something that really, you say what?   but they are details and if you like the pretty and funny maps I recommend it   5/5 Gaia74
    • By Paul977 · Posted
      Very good tech-base and, later on, cave/temple and again tech visuals, made in a classic polished style. Tough level on UV, particularly the initial stage until you reach the big room holding the rocket launcher. From there health and ammo are more abundant, so the difficulty decrease, but later on there are surprises encounters that can catch you out of guard very easly, including the really interesting ending area.