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About This File


Map01 - Escape You must escape from the Aliens and return to earth bearing grim tidings. The aliens plan an invasion to take over the earth and use the humans as slave power, and a new food source. Map02 - City You escaped your captors and planned to hide out in their city for a few days top let things settle a bit... Only one problem the shit didn't settle... They've found your hiding spot, and you are on the run again... Map03 - shiphunt You must get the hell off this planet... 1st on the agenda... stay alive... 2nd, find a ship to steal or stowaway... You teleported out of the city into a basement of some kind... right on the heels of the retreating alien troops... Map04 - Spaceship - not happy with this level... As you sneak on board the first ship you find, the door quickly closes behind you. You hear an alien speak over the intercom telling all hands to their station... The ship takes and you kill an alien and findout the destination... BUT someone saw you and they didn't like it at all... Map05 - Landbase YOu kill everything and teleport off the ship after dropping a grenade in the reactor room. You hit the ground and begin dodging bullets... you think,"I blew the damn thing up...You see the wreakage everywhere as well as the second ship. You recognize this base... this is YOUR scientific research lab. The Military set this base up to study a live specimen of the leaders of the aliens... The might Cyber Demons... They've to release their leader and it seems you are the only resistance... You scream, "NOT THIS FUCKIN TIME YOU DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!", and you start blasting the hell out of everything that moves...

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Unknown date

I liked it - a couple bugs in map05, one unkillable monster in map02

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Unknown date

Good job

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  • File Reviews

    • By Classicgamer6 · Posted
      An amazing hellbase style level mixed with a bit of cave exploring, utilizes ZDoom effects to create a nice atmospheric environment to play in. I played on UV and found the difficulty to be fair while still presenting a challenge in a few spots. Overall it's pretty good but could of ended a little better as I am not a fan of arena endings.
    • By Classicgamer6 · Posted
      Rather alright but nothing too special besides the spectral enemy gimmick and the marble theme.
    • By Classicgamer6 · Posted
      Hangar is a single GZDoom level that has one of the best uses of 3D floors I've seen. There really isn't much I can say about this level except that is just really solid.
    • By Classicgamer6 · Posted
      I have a soft spot for levels set in somewhat realistic facilities that also feature a light horror theme, however, what I don't like are levels full of what can be surmised as annoying monster encounters. Specifically what I find annoying are the monsters placed on UV which lead to rather poor level flow. This level does look good and has a nice custom song playing but the stock scream sound effects that play somewhat frequently do detract from this. Overall this is an okay level that could very easily be made good if monster flow was made better and the screams were played less often.
    • By Figgy McSquiggins · Posted
      I was loving it, had a fair bit of challenge. Every fight really put you to the test. Excellent map design, too. You clearly worked hard on it, and that is not lost on me. That being said, as soon as it hit whispering winds, I instantly hated it. It just devolved into finding one of 20 invincibility power ups, and spamming the bfg. Took all the fun out of it when you're backed into a corner against 100 barons, 100 revenants, 100 cacos, 5 cyberdemons, 600 imps, 250 zombie gunners, a spider mastermind, and 20 arch-viles that revive the fuckers, and all you can do is spray the bfg and hope invincibilty doesn't run out.