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Anonymous's First Wad (First of many...) * * * * * * * * * * * * * House O' Morbidity * * * * * * *

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About This File


Skill levels 1 & 2 -The rocket launcher is the best weapon available (depending on your opinion! >:) ) Many single barrels and few double barreled shotguns are available. A few minor monsters present also. Skill levels 3 -The Plasma gun is the highest weapon available here. A slight bit higher ratio of super shotguns to single barrel. Some creatures also. Skill levels 4 & 5 -BFG is the highest attainable weapon. More Double barrel shotguns and MUCH less single barreled ones are available. And for deathmatch with a twist play, w/monsters, altdeath, and respawn! Get yo Colas (hehe), chips, and ENJOY THE GAME! PLAY SINGLE PLAYER ON NIGHTMARE FOR A CHALLENGE (PRACTICE maybe)! Short game, but it'll give ya trouble! ;)

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Anonymous's First Wad First of Many House of Morbidity (or AFWFMHOM for short) is a sub par 1996 map geared toward death match set in a giant rooms with a few walls to run around. Big weapons? Check. Ammo. Yeah enough of it. There are a few larger enemies like cacos, barons and arachnatrons stomping around even when Skulltag has a setting for no monsters. Some enemies are quarantined off behind barriers and I suppose they would be unlocked in single player.


Its a bit dull with a texture mishmash. Brown brick walls, brown ceiling, grey floor, grey interior walls. There is little to no height difference, just a lift notched in a wall that goes to no where. The ceiling is flat, the floor is flat with a bit of water and toxic ooze running through it.


There are some cheap or interesting twists here like a trap here that may or may not be a glitch as its a U shaped room, the interior has invisible textures, but they are still walls, while the exteriors are marble face walls. So anyone camping inside can see people while no one outside can see them except for the entrance. Its an interesting idea if it didn't feel like poor design. You can still shoot through the walls at people.


The center has a dark acid hallway full of big power ups that I would expect there to be a mad dash toward when any game begins. Another highlight here is some of the grey walls have cracks between that you need to line up perfect to use as a sniper hole and hope you don't get murdered. You'd need to be lucky to line up a shot with anyone on the other side.


For a map that uses Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box for music, I expected a literal Heart Shaped Box. Nope... its a literal 4 sided, giant room.

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  • File Reviews

    • By m8f · Posted
      EPIC journey through 11 completely different levels. Stunning visuals: from tiny details to grand architecture. These maps are challenging, but not impossible. Had to retreat to HMP on the two latest levels, though.   My favorite level is Felt (library). So many passage ways to explore.
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      it should be obvious to those who are playing this that this is NOT another Doom 64 TC. it's recreating the levels of Doom 64 as Doom II levels, which is why you see other monsters and a few changes to layout as well.   i'm not gonna give this a good score though. but this may be because I just don't like Doom 64's levels in general. even when you cut out the atmosphere and enhance the gameplay and layout of the maps here there's still some bashful puzzles to solve and well, the levels are longer than they really are. my Doom 64 opinion of course.
    • By Gato606 · Posted
      Nicely done succesor of Plutonia
    • By Gato606 · Posted
      Overall is nice, but I'm not much into small maps crowded with monsters, other than that, looks like a decent megawad
    • By Gato606 · Posted
      Sorry, but can't give more stars to this megawad, it gets really tiresome to start like 6 times the same map with a different door each time and the and the innecesary overstuff of ammo and guns just kill the fun of Doom being about managing your resources.  It can be some kind of fun opening a terminal in GZDoom and setting SV_fastWeapons to 2