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About This File

Replacement for map01.

Story: A long, long time ago in a galaxy..., wait that one has already been used, let me start again. In the year 2015, the large multinational company known then as Triad Experimental began to do its own exploration of portions of the atmosphere of Jupiter after the Galileo II spacecraft discovered, 5 years earlier, large amounts of compounds never seen on the Earth. One particular compound, event- ually marketed by Triad Experimental under the name Chloron X, was found to have the chemical formula ArCl4 (argon tetrachloride). Such a compound norm- ally can't exist on Earth, but under conditions on Jupiter it was found to form quite readily. The usefulness of chloron X came when it was exposed to the lower gravity and thinner atmosphere of the Earth, where it rapidly decomposed in the presence of calcified water to from argon gas and a stable salt, CaCl2. Accompanying this reaction was an enormous release of energy, that could be harnessed and used in a variety of ways. Triad Experimental saw the obvious profit potential and so set about to corner the market. Building from prefabricated spacecraft components they established a processing base on Jupiter itself, right in the middle of a large pool of ArCl4, and began to run tests on how best to utilize and package for transport, their now patented Chloron X. At that time the existance of Nutrion waves was unknown, as was the knowledge of their production during the conversion of ArCl4 to CaCl2 and their effects on human tissue. Since the main power for the base was supplied by a Chloron X reactor the effects were first seen on personnel working in the power building (due obviously to their close proximity to the source of the Nutrion waves). Common effects of prolonged exposure to Nutrion waves include malformations of skeletal structure accompanied by homocidal delerium. One of the unfortunate attributes of this disorder on humans is that it becomes highly cont- agious, spreading in a manner similar to another affliction, discovered during the latter half of the 20th century, known as Scrapie disease. Not surprisingly, the entire population of the base (325 inhabitants) came down with the disorder literally overnight. When the orbital station lost contact with the surface base they mistakenly assumed that it was a simple communications mal- function (such breakdowns had occurred before) and so sent down only a repair technician, corporal Duck Dodgers. It was just by sheer coincidence that our hero was wearing his hostile environment suit which protected him from the disease (His normal pressure suit was at the cleaners at that time, and it would not have protected him had he been wearing it). Thus began the illustrious career of Duck Dodgers. With this doom2 wad you get to relive the adven- tures of Duck Dodgers on the first of his many harrowing experiences. P.S. I realize the chemical basis of this storyline is fictitous. I believe this is my 30th wad posted to ftp.

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Unknown date

I assume people were put off by the droning, lengthy plot, which has a poor standard of English ("due to" is awful and should be avoided). The level itself is actually great fun, and very tricky; the same chap's earlier wads were poor, so he must have been studying late into the night for this one.

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Unknown date

This is dated Febuary 1996. It's good fun. You fight 200+ monsters in a simple octagonal techbase in a big slime lake. The detailing is simple and would have seemed old-fashioned even in early 1996, but the gameplay is solid, with monsters behind every door. You can easily run out of ammo if you go a certain way (hint: turn left at the first intersection and keep going). The final battle is technically a spiral maze BUT it's mindless slaughter = good.

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