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Nin Uac wads

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About This File

GOOD NEW WADS w/ 4 Nin singles! Doom2 v 1.666 up.

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· Edited by geo


Stupidly brutal from the start to the point I had to use idkfa to make it past the first few moments. You have a choice... face four long range shot gunners with only a pistol, no health and no armor, or slink away into an excessively long, dark corridor to get pecked at by zombies like a blind gambit with plenty of health vials. The real issue is if you get out of the dark hallway and make it to the surface, its full of imps and chain gunners that shoot you from a courtyard. If you survive the first four shot gunners facing you, its the same deal, you'll get sniper shot by chain gunners.


Its either a map to keep you on your toes, or meant to be played with 4 players so you can actually stay alive. On the plus side, with how small the first map is it would make a great deathmatch.


Oh but wait... there are more maps! Despite never surviving long enough in my 10 minutes spent on level 1, I skipped to level 2 which pits you face to face with a spider mastermind in a courtyard with no cover. Your only hope is to make it to a giant secret wall full of weapons and hope you're not shot to death in that warehouse full of weapons. Its listed as a secret, so apparently you are supposed to brawl or run past a spider mastermind chained to a door with a switch. Chained as in its on a platform so you need to get past it to get into the door.


The other issue is the second trap where after the master mind comes a room overlooking half a dozen barons. They wake up and come toward the building. The only way to progress is to teleport into them. Survive that then its onto an icon of sin room combined with a cyber demon.


Overall, the map pack of 5 levels is some sort of high intensity trap. Short, brutal challenges. If you're up for that sort of thing, go for it. To me, it seemed like poor level design. Not even the use of Nine Inch Nails music could salvage it.

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strange maps with some fine scenes like map 4 dock but hooey and malarkey mostly,first map is better...

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Its a fair guess to say the author liked Nine inch Nails. But not quite enough to find a midi for map05 it seems. The maps are very short but are decent in looks and gamely. I like the underwater (I think) section in map03.

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  • File Reviews

    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      I...did not review this, okay. well, it's blue and it's pretty decent and setpiece-y. get used to ribbiks' style and this one is just like all his other maps, very well-designed and fun to play. just watch out for MAP03's final area.
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      it's one of those classic 90's wads you can probably just sift through, but it's not that good. plenty of inescapable pits, some awful level progression, and some actually trollish crusher placement lie within this one.
    • By Budoka · Posted
      A few really good maps supported by a bunch of alright ones. Visuals are mostly Plutonia-inspired, with the occasional veering into Shores of Hell type mish-mash architecture. Difficulty is about on par with DOOM2.wad I think. Overall, a rather pedestrian affair, although the standout maps are certainly worth the time.
    • By dylux · Posted
      BACK TO SATURN X E1: GET OUT OF MY STATIONS REVIEW:   The Good:   - Stunning visuals   - Great monster placement   - Lots of (clever) secrets and they are rewarding   - Enough ammo to keep you going   - The names of the Maps LOL!   - Loads of fun   - Awesome music!   The Bad:   - Not long enough. LOL! I loved it so much, I didn't want it to end!   In Short: I've actually played this fantastic WAD at least 6 or 7 times. Why? This is my second favorite WAD of all time, only bested by its successor, BTSX Episode 2: Fountain of Sparks. I remember the very first time I played it a couple of years ago like it was yesterday. How many times can you say that (in a good way) about a game?   I remember being completely blown away by the architectural designs at the time. I even remember giggling as I sunk in the ocean on the final Map, only to read something like "To Be Continued..." and thinking, "Awww....it's over." But I admit that, like everyone else, I had loads of fun with this.    There is lack of a "customary" final boss (I wasn't certain if this was a "Good" or "Bad" element of the game, hence why it's in neither category above - it really will depend on the player so I kept it neutral). But don't let that deter you! The final "stage" in the last (playable) Map is as memorable as it is wicked, and it'll keep you on your toes just like any other customary boss!   Play this WAD if it's the only WAD you ever play. Definite replay value.   Well deserved Cacoward. Thanks, Team, for making it!   5 out of 5 stars with me.  ~ dylux
    • By dylux · Posted
      JENESIS REVIEW:   - Single Player - UV Settings - Pistol starts every Map - Third time playing in about 4-5 years span   The Good:    - Continuous Maps    - Great architecture    - Incredible Hellish themes    - Excellent monster placement    - Clever puzzles    - Loads of secrets. Most are clever as well.    - Great music    - Lots of stuff to get you alive and stocked    - Levels are just the right size. Not small nor are they huuuuuuge.    - Not a slaughterfest, but not easy either. Difficulty is perfect for single player.   The Bad:     - There's no Jenesis II.    In short:   Sometimes, finding a new DooM WAD to play is like finding a decent horror movie to watch: You're going to go through a few crappy ones before you find one that makes it all worthwhile. Jenesis is one of those WADS to play that's worth going through some crappy ones first.   If you are looking for a great balance between dog fighting and puzzle solving, then Jenesis is for you. This game was fun as hell - every level.    Anyone who plays this can easily tell that MUCH work went into this fantastic game. It's WADs like this one that keep me playing. Bravo Mr. Paddock!   You have huge shoes to fill, Jenesis - for my next WAD I play. One of my all time faves. Well deserved Cacoward. What a game! :)   5 out of 5 Stars.