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Hells Half Acre

   (3 reviews)
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About This File


I like wads with a kinda theme, not just haphazard stuff thrown together. Ones that sorta make sense; as much as critters from hell can make sense, that is. This one is kinda hell-based, but not actually in hell itself. It's some kind of an outdoor type area on Earth or one of the moons of Mars (you decide...) Anyhow, it's been overrun and slowly being converted by hellspawn, which of course you must utterly and irrevocably slay, being the fearless Space Marine. (all rights reserved, etc. etc.) No rest for the wicked...

Pretty basic formula: Find the switches to throw to allow you access to the keys you need to proceed though the level. Takes awhile to even see the first (yellow) key, so don't get discouraged.

All the stuff you need to do the level is provided. Just look for it. (i.e. the radiation suits)

No cyber-anythings or BFG's here. I like the more low-tech slugfest weaponry. Thank God for shotguns.

Pittsburgh sports fans will like one of the secret areas. And if you don't, well, get bent. =)

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Too primitive even for a 1996 map. No, even if you like mazes, this one plays boring.

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Great if you like mazes/ Not so great if you don't.

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Unknown date

Not bad. Nothing revolutionary but fun. 7/10 for me.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Teo Slayer · Posted
      Best thing I've ever seen, especially the two anime girls 5/5
    • By lokbustam257 · Posted
      what the fuck did I just played
    • By Thrustpeak · Posted
      Despite a few maps here and there that didn't sit too well with me—the good so heavily outweighs the bad that I can't give it anything but 5 stars. Map 12 may be one of the best I've played. 
    • By SilverMiner · Posted
      Unplayable untested garbage
    • By Spooner5020 · Posted
      Kinda surprised there are no reviews for this yet. So I guess i'll be the first to review it. So this is apparently based on The Tick character (mainly the cartoon version) and uses sounds and graphics taken from the cartoon show. I played this a lot as a kid not really knowing too much about the Tick except for the live action show on Fox with Patrick Warburton. The wad itself is fine. Nothing too special. It's really just another Simpsons Doom/South park doom graphics and sounds replacement. It's not terrible just kinda hard to recommend. I'm only giving this 4 stars cause this brings back childhood memories of me playing this wad and having fun with it.