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In Space No One Can Hear You Scream (1 & 2 of 9)

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About This File

The demons from Hell have taken over the earth, and the remaining human population has left the planet in a starship, searching for a new planet. But it seems that we've taken the horror with us...

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Unknown date

Two level from April 1996, zipped as two separate .wad files, both E1M1. Ship.wad is terrible, a randomly-textured load of badness. It has a couple of dozen stuck monsters, so many that I thought it was deliberate, but it's not. The gameplay involves going through some square dull rooms, shooting stuck monsters until you win. Ship2 is a grid-like maze of randomly-textured rectangular rooms, with random hurting floors. I hated it.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Teo Slayer · Posted
      Best thing I've ever seen, especially the two anime girls 5/5
    • By lokbustam257 · Posted
      what the fuck did I just played
    • By Thrustpeak · Posted
      Despite a few maps here and there that didn't sit too well with me—the good so heavily outweighs the bad that I can't give it anything but 5 stars. Map 12 may be one of the best I've played. 
    • By SilverMiner · Posted
      Unplayable untested garbage
    • By Spooner5020 · Posted
      Kinda surprised there are no reviews for this yet. So I guess i'll be the first to review it. So this is apparently based on The Tick character (mainly the cartoon version) and uses sounds and graphics taken from the cartoon show. I played this a lot as a kid not really knowing too much about the Tick except for the live action show on Fox with Patrick Warburton. The wad itself is fine. Nothing too special. It's really just another Simpsons Doom/South park doom graphics and sounds replacement. It's not terrible just kinda hard to recommend. I'm only giving this 4 stars cause this brings back childhood memories of me playing this wad and having fun with it.