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About This File

The BIG BOYS of hell make another go of it by building a tower that goes for Earth to hell and back (my own idea for DOOM!II Not that I'm not looking forward to ID's release). You, a highly skilled dog of war, **at least you should be by now*** are armed With nothing but your own skills and want for REVENGE!!, must see your way into the few rooms of this Monolith of Death, but beware the lords of Hell made sure you had to push the right buttons to get from level to level.

So you set out to find the SCUMBAGS!! who took the lives of your men. Even if It takes you to HELL and back!!!! DM

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Unknown date

So old it has readme that looks forward to Doom II, which was released a couple of months later. On this evidence the author was probably a bit disappointed with the product. This level has some nice architecture, but it's tedious to play - basically three huge circular rings with "hubs" in the middle that have action. Lots of tough monsters and half a dozen cyberdemons, but lots of ammo too, and a large distance to cover, so it becomes repetitive and dull.

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