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Garden Of Delight

   (6 reviews)
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About This File

Fight your way through a medieval chateau and its grounds...

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Another early experimental ''Spooky'' Bye level. Recycled his church from his cyber map. Interesting light effects.

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Summer Deep


The vast scale of this map and its huge rooms is certainly impressive, but to what effect? With only 70 or so monsters to populate them you'll be very under-occupied most of the time. I almost lost the will to live 'exploring' the maze, but you have to do so to get the red key.


'Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair', to quote Shelley.

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Great level for it's time. Still had fun with it in 2015. And to the guy who said "needs moar detail", LOL!

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Unknown date

its not that bad but could use a litle more detail 3/5

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  • File Reviews

    • By Alfiq · Posted
      Mars War has great level design, perfect soundtracks, and is overall a fun experience. This is without a doubt my favorite megawad and I would highly recommend it to pretty much anyone (unless misaligned textures REALLY bug you)
    • By Plerb · Posted
      A work of art. The broken BSP tree makes it even better.
    • By Kwisior · Posted
      It's insane that this was made in 1994. The level of detail, atmosphere and feeling of exploration is simply unmatched by anything from that era. And not only that, but it actually feels like a real place. Absolutely stellar stuff; I highly recommend this to everyone, including modern players who don't typically play old stuff. You'll be blown away.
    • By dybbuk81 · Posted
      You must live very close to me my friend ;)
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Technically the first map sets in real life university, or at least the first officially accepted as one of those kind of maps. The map Is pretty complex and some areas are neat for a map made in 1994, big open structures with some good simple details in It, the layout Is intricate and good, expect for a pair of dead rooms hunting for keys and other goodies, but it's a good way to tell the player to explore the place. The only big issue is the yellow key door in the main courtyard area that doesn't open (at least in Woof port, the "latest" release) for some weird reason. Good stuff btw.