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About This File

This wad is only 1 level of an eposode I have not made yet but I am currently working on it. I made this level with the Ultamite Doom. You start in the middle of a space station. there is one enemy ship on a docking bay. There are three prisons, a sick bay, a small carier ship, a sanation close to all the docking bays marked with yellow keys, there is a greenhouse type room. I am planning on updating this level when I get more Levels to put in my epasode. If you have any suggestions or comments send them to my E-Mail Address, I like feedback wether good or bad!!

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Horrifying, totally depressing level. It's a series of very bland looking white rooms and corridors with ZERO texturing variety. Feels like you're in a mental institution or something.

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Unknown date

This is dated May 1996, and it's terrible. It looks and feels like a mid-1994 spaceship level, in the sense that it's just a lot of angular corridors with one silver texture - SHAWN2 - throughout and almost no detail. For June 1994 it would have had an interesting early use of voodoo dolls - they don't do anything, they're just there - but this is from 1996. It's just a big maze with 56 weak monsters that you meet very very occasionally.

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