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Massacre on Deimos

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About This File

As you kill the last of the Barons on Phobos, you hear a crackle over your communicator. It's information (and of course, orders) from Earth. The General informs you that the invasion was not limited to the Phobos facility, but that Deimos was also invaded. Just before Earth lost all contact with Deimos, the following portion of a message was received:

"...it's a gradual infestation. It starts in the small storage facility where the teleporter from Phobos is located. It's not too heavy there, mostly mutants. It just gets worse though. The refinery is one of the worst areas. The stairway down to our rec room now looks like a stair down to ..."

You here an explosion, then the General is back on. "That's all we got, marine. And now we can't find Deimos anywhere! It looks like the whole place just disappeared. We need you to jump on that teleporter, find out what happened, and clean it up. Earth out."

"Great," you say to yourself. You were really hoping that this teleporter was your ticket home. So now you have another station to save, more demons to kill and a general with bad phone manners. You take a deep breath, jump on the teleporter and hope that nothing's waiting on the other side -- and that there's still another side to land on...

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Acceptable. Nothing amazing - but what counts more is nothing annoying.

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Unknown date

Three maps. The first map is dull (a very small and easy crate warehouse), but the last two (an underground base and a slime base) are bigger and feature some fun fights. The gameplay is rather easy, especially with all the goodies found in the many secret areas (most of which are clearly marked in some way). The design feels a bit random and plain at times, but there are some nice visuals and one or two inventive traps and progression quirks, especially in E2M3. Worth a play-through. Not bad. --3/5

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