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The Garden

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About This File

The Mission is to find and shutdown the UAC Comm Center.

You begin pinned down in the entry room overlooking the Bosses Garden.Stay alive until you are able to move out into the Garden.

Even though there is lots of ammo shoot straight and Don't waste it, (e.g. don't use all your rockets & plasma) when other weapons will serve , You will need it later.

The same for health , eat it when you need it. Remember where you left it.

Experienced players seem to need about 50 to 70 min. to finish the mission. Since its long, we save the game (F2) as each area is secured ?? .

If you are playing fast monsters using F3 to load a saved game will crash doom2.Be sure that DOOM2 is restarted with the -FAST parameter.

Your shell: DM , D! , etc. can probably do this. You can do it manually, (See Example command line at bottom)

Play it however you want to but this wad is intended to be played Ultra Violence , Fast Monsters. You probably will need to learn it on lower vio. levels with slow Monsters before Uv & Fast are possible to do. There is a demo included ( single player , fast, Uv , Standard Guns) Demo note: Doom2 ver. 1.9 only

There are large amounts of plasma & rocket ammo for the benefit of those with out a weapons patch.

Remember its nightime so don't crank the gamma levels (brightness) levels too far . When looking out into the garden from the entry room windows you should see areas which are flickering from the torch light and the floor of the raised area (with the trees) should look like a green pool table top would appear in torch light. Enjoy ,JB


" Just play the game with a ( REALISTIC ) guns patch ,like the superb " ROSSGUNS ".

Use ultra violence,fast monsters , and don't die or cheat. If you can do these things, even though you have no friends you can still be considered cool and feel safe and secure in the knowledge that you really are better than someone at something and you have my blessing.

God help you. Sincerely, DJ "

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plays at map 7 and a useless+irrelevant ultra fast gun shooting deh.file... in-distinctive and complex design...at times feels dynamic..286 baddies+tons of lost souls most of which uv..uncertainly and constantly teleported at most area...for 96's its a considerable effort...but i got an odd feeling about it...

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Unknown date

heck yes epic map - i didnt use deh either

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Unknown date


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Unknown date

This is dated June 1996. It comes with a dehacked patched that I didn't bother with. You fight 300+ monsters in a randomly-themed tech-castle thing, which sits on the cusp between being pleasantly non-linear and just amorphous. Despite the large monster count and the then-fashionable random monster teleports it's easy, because you have loads of health and ammo. The ending is nicely moody but I couldn't stand the switchhunting.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Marlamir · Posted
      Pretty good. The combat was fun and design wasn't bad at all.
    • By Meril · Posted
      Despite its age, nice details and well designed. Way how blue key is hidden is really clever. But map is dark and cramped. Enemies are only imps and hitscanners.
    • By Dovahxul · Posted
      the more I play the more I get more sad that this map pack is going to end soon its really great :)
    • By Meril · Posted
      Pretty good map in E1 base style (except Doom2 monsters) Nice design but there some texture alignment issues.
    • By Nems · Posted
      Despite the browns and grays that are prominent in this megaWAD, I found it to be fun. I also found it to be quite the challenge. The first map gives you a taste of what to expect in terms of enemy encounters. The author makes good use of mid-tier enemies to apply pressure on the player. Monster count for most of the maps barely breaks the 150 mark but, as said before, the use of mostly mid-tier enemies puts pressure on the player. I also like how the megaWAD handles level progression. Most of the levels you go through consist of caves, cities, islands, and tech bases in space. In fact, there's only one real Hell-like level and even it's within the confines of the moon base you fight through in maps 21 - 30.   About the only gripes I have with this megaWAD are with regards to maps 32, 29, and 30. I know the text file and map 31 give warnings about map 32 but there really should be some kind of alternate exit in map 32 instead of trapping you in place if you don't pass one of the puzzles. I wasn't a fan of how close quarters the IoS fight was in map 29, especially since it can get cramped quickly with monster spawns. Finally, the randomization of what keys spawn during your escape in map 30 isn't fun either. 10 minutes seems like plenty of time but between navigating the vent system (again) without light goggles and dealing with mid-tier enemies, that 10 minutes can get eaten up really quick.   Overall, it's still a fun megaWAD. I'd recommend at least giving it a shot.