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  • File Reviews

    • By Asking4Id · Posted
      Visually this wad is very ugly because it uses monochrome. I don't understand this design choice. Absolutely a turn off. 
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      TiC is most known for the Memento Mori's both of which were high-profile releases made for co-op, as well as Requiem which was their final wad. also they are known for Slaughter Until Death, Evil Unleashed, and finally Obituary, which is their most unique release overall. the styles of both Denis and Thomas Moller are quite outdated when put against any and all modern mappers who even exist, but they still prove quite memorable in encounters, notably of the cramped kind. Obituary as I said is the most unique release, the one where they worked with dehacked to create custom enemies (this unfortunately makes the thing hard to play unless you get it from the DSDA download, which consolidates it nicely. the rocket troopers are the best and worst new enemy simultaneously, nasty foes that can easily kill anything around them, even themselves. the stealth fighter is also high on the priority list due to him being fast, and the "harder imp" well he's just harder and all. there's apparently a weapons patch, but it's perfectly playable without it.   looking at the level design, my biggest issue in all honesty may just be the first level and the weird way of getting that yellow key, which is the only real bug. other than that, cramped combat makes for consistent watchful eyes of the surroundings. MAP05 is also quite memorable if a bit long, while others are fairly standard and a bit unmemorable. doesn't mean they are bad though. the teleporter closets in some maps are very poorly constructed it seems, but the whole set still proves to be quite fun to play even with the dated level design.
    • By Gothic · Posted
      A great addition to a great megawad. "Sappers & Moles" by yakfak takes the cake, best song of the bunch in my opinion.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Is a neat short map for dethmatch (and the layout shows it full force), played in SP so you have only that part of the experience, but for what I've played, is short and fun! There's not many monsters and guns to take, I hope at least that in MP you'll have more guns to fight your opponents! But for what I've played, thumbs up.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Another rejected map from Master Levels by Chris Klie, follow thematically the previous level I reviewed, but this time the map remember more a mix between suburbs (or any Petersen style city map) and the chasm, due to the tiny ledges that are taken to pass in the second half of the level, it's also similar to another Master Levels entry, probably one of the reasons why this wasn't accepted... Difficulty is similar to the early maps in plutonia and gameplay is pretty challenging and fun for a play or two. Take it a shot.