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About This File

The file WADGC.ZIP contains working beta source for my tools WADGC and WADLC, acronyms for WAD Graphics Compiler and WAD Level Compiler.

WADGC takes text files and PPM images as input and creates PWADs with graphic entries (sprites, wall patches, new textures and flats).

WADLC takes text files as input and creates PWADs with level maps. Node building is not included. IDBSP works great for that. This tool is somewhat less useful than WADGC. I like it, but if you want an interactive interface, this is nothing for you.

Since flats don't work from PWADs I also hacked a utility to add flats to the main IWAD file, called NEWFLATS. It replaces existing entries and/or adds new ones, creating a new IWAD file.

Together with DEU or some other tool for manipulating PWADS and concatenating them, WADGC and NEWFLATS provide a way of making completely new graphic environments for Doom. You need a good knowledge of the unofficial Doom specs to do anything useful, but it's quite workable. If you build a new IWAD file with DEU, you might even use DEU to build the levels. I think.

The tools are distributed as source code, written to compile under Unix. I have tested them only on a Sun workstation, but any Unix environment should do.

It might take some tweaking to get it to run on a PC. I wouldn't know, since I know nothing more about DOS and PC's than that the bytes are in the wrong order. :-)

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  • File Reviews

    • By Gato606 · Posted
      It's a very impressive megawad with a nice themed ancient Egypt atmosphere, with very nice choosing of textures to contribute to that theme, very nice architecture and impressive (and very risky) twist on the story going from ancient Egypt to alien spaceships, without using hi-pitched colors like in Ancient Aliens. Also, very tough megawad, if you're masochist enough, you can play it with Complex Doom and add LCA for more doses of pain.
    • By whirledtsar · Posted
      It's okay. Quite easy due to the abundance of artifacts, mana, & health. The level design is fine, nothing special. The only truly bad part was the unmarked puzzle bookcases, forcing you to wallhump the entire library as a last resort. Otherwise it's pretty simple stuff, running around finding keys and smashing monsters. The texturing and lighting aren't fantastic but aren't noticeably bad either. The only glaring issue is that many windows just show a wall textured with the sky texture rather than an area with a sky ceiling. Yet there are perfectly normal outdoor areas. Perhaps the author only figured it out skies halfway through development? Anyways, this is worth your time if you want an hour or two of simple Hexen fun.
    • By yourusernamee · Posted
      loved all of it except map20. that map sucked the life out of me. really great stuff all around.
    • By Gato606 · Posted
      It's a nice wad overall, nice map design, textures and monster placement, enjoyed playing on D-Touch (GZDoom1.8) with Dude4th weapon mod.  My only complain would be the secrets, they have very few to no clues about their position.  There was a problem on E3M5 on the secrets around the squared starting room with stairs, the wall closes and let me stuck inside, had to use idclip to get out from those secret rooms.
    • By amackert · Posted
      I recently played through this continuously twice on UV. Overall I feel this is an expertly crafted WAD from start to finish. Beautiful scenery, great soundtrack, and intense gameplay. Maybe a little too intense sometimes, and with that it's probably not a WAD I'll recommend to newbies. If less experienced players absolutely have to try it, I suggest playing on the lower difficulty modes as the included readme suggests. Describing the later maps of this WAD as "brutal" on UV is an understatement to say the least.