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KILLDOOM - Kills NetDoom players

   (5 reviews)
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About This File

Here is the first release of KillDoom. It's meant to be used by network supervisors who want to definitelly stop NetDoom playing in their networks.

One can kill DOS/IPX NetDoom players anywhere in a network connected by IPX routers. Just run KILLDOOM with the network address as parameter and DOOM(tm) and DOOM II(tm) network players will crash. If you want to be more drastic, run KILLDOOM BROADCAST, and it will kill NetDoom players everywhere they can be found; just be careful with the BROADCAST option because it can really flood your network.

I'd like to say that I also do like to play NetDoom. It's surely the best game ever made in the world until 1994. But this hobby must not interfere in anyone's work, during business hours.

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Unknown date


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Unknown date

Great old utility

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Unknown date

Fuck that lol.

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Unknown date

What a horrible spiteful bastard. I bet he liked telling others what they should eat for lunch in the workplace too.

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Unknown date

LOL, this seems to be intended to stop people from Dooming at work. Blasphemy! (but really, this gets 2 stars just for the laugh)

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  • File Reviews

    • By SilverMiner · Posted
      That's simply Descent's OPL bank I see. This and that are very alike. IMO
    • By Austinado · Posted
      I must say what an excepcional WAD...i have been playing for quite some time and each level its an absolute masterpiece of design. I got till the level 30 and man...when you reach there you are absolutly tired of killing monsters...level 29 was my "enough" and when i got to level 30 it was like "ok...im done". Its absolute carnage in a good sense of way of course...but for me it was enough. Must say this is a kind of a map that ill take example for my mappings. 5 Stars to the wad because there is no more to give. I repeat, an excepcional Wad a brutal challenge on dificulty...simply great. Excelent Work !
    • By crazyflyingdonut · Posted
      The map looks great, but seeing multiple pictures of Jack making silly faces plastered everywhere in certain parts of the map can really kill the horror vibe.
    • By TheNoob_Gamer · Posted
      The author utilized Dehacked. The wad is tough, can get very slaughter-ish and hectic sometimes, but it's fair. Also, the wad featured a pretty humorous story™. Check it out, but remember to play on HNTR/HMP if you aren't used to slaughterwads.
    • By whirledtsar · Posted
      What's done is good. The gameplay can get pretty tough, but it never feels unfair. Overall the level & hub design is good. Pretty much the whole time I was wondering just where to go next, eventually finding it each time. There are also some neat, creative little puzzles (particularly the memory test with the Ice Golems) here & there. In this way it does a good job replicating the style of the original game. The biggest issue is that a lot of areas are way too cramped. Not only physically small, but crammed full of blocking decorations that impede your movement. The other issue is its unfinished nature. You'll end up at doors that say "access denied" and eventually have nothing left to do, and the lack of resolution is a bad feeling. But I would still recommend what's there for Hexen fans to check out.