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About This File

Mirrors the first level from DukENukeM3D. Looks even better than the original. There are many places with hidden elevators, so push and shoot places where in DukENukeM3D you can usualy break or jump up on to. There are lots of funny things you can do to yourself or the monsters in this level so mess around with that. You can also break the glass wherever there is any.

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Walter confetti


A really impressive (for the time) remake of Duke Nukem E1L1, with new graphics, sounds and music. Lots of great detailing where the explosions hole and the sloped ceiling/floors are, lots of new textures (including the dancing girl movie at the cinema!), small sectors elevators where the jumping sections are and lots of clever ideas and trickery to emulate the Duke Nukem 3D feel at best under the vanilla limitations (even if i've got a small VPO at cinema area)...


Great stuff.

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Unknown date

Given the limits of the Doom engine, this is remarkably faithful to the original. It even has a cinema screen with a dancing woman. The designer has replaced the bits where you jump with elevators, and some bits are missed out (the ventilation shaft is perfunctory), but it's very clever. There aren't any earthquake-style effects but I hardly missed them. It has a lot of Duke Nukem textures, although there are no Duke Nukem monsters or weapons.

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Unknown date

Very faithful version of the most famous DN3D level form '96. Quite impressive.

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  • File Reviews

    • By vdgg · Posted
      There are many really boring, boring maps early on... Also, a "motif": 5 doors, 4 of them cannot be opened, you go through the only openable door A, press switch that opens door B, go through door B, press switch, ... this is repetitive when there are no memorable fights or anything fancy to look at. Also, there are HOMs and instances of two monsters at the same spot = stuck.   Now, the positives. MAP08 = funky textures. MAP12, fantastic non-linear (finally!) adventure. MAP19, somewhat modified award-winning Polygon Base (there's an arch-vile and the monster count is slightly up, but I don't know why is the map recycled like that; anyway, it's very good), MAP20, short and sweet and good-looking and MAP25: for me it is like a proto- Suspended in Dusk! Not very challenging, slow gameplay, but the layout of this grey base rocks. I was so lost, and I enjoyed it. Overall, not as bad as I thought after first 11 maps.
    • By Doomkid · Posted
      Good maps, most of them ended up in Skulltag later on (as in, 2004-2005 lol). A solid wad that frankly deserves more play time, even in the year 2021.
    • By roadworx · Posted
      this really deserves much more attention than it gets! it definitely has its fair share of negatives like cryptic progression, symmetry, etc, but for the time it's actually very good. the visuals are very nice with interesting architecture and good lighting, and despite not being balanced for pistol start very well the combat is great fun nonetheless.
    • By roadworx · Posted
      it's like if the casali brothers got their hands on skillsaw's kamikaze soldiers   srsly tho, for 1995 this wad is pretty vicious. the moeller brothers love to throw some real nasty shit at you on the regular, but despite that it still remains very fun (albeit somewhat frustrating at times). the levels all look decent for 1995, and the spritework for the new enemies and textures is quite good as well. aside from a few specific things (the beginning of map06 for example) there's not really any genuinely bad things about the megawad. if you're a fan of older stuff then i highly recommend this mapset - it's not as refined as later stuff the moellers worked on like memento mori, but it's still great fun.