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The Gate

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About This File

THIS WAD IS FOR DooM This wad has been created only for CoOp-playing with at least 3 players, but feel free to try it otherwise. This PWAD was designed with the original DooMstory in mind: As calm is around you, you decide to get away. But what's this...your troopships engine won't do so. After two hours of sudorific troubleshooting it is clear: the only way to get out is get trough. And you remember: You heard some of your bodies talking of a big gate they've seen in there. Some scientists thought this to be a dimensional gate. Your decision is clear: you have to get to and through it and show the bad guys that none has the ability to fear you. As you fight your way you notice heavy combat-noise out of the two rooms in front of you... After a short time of intently waiting two fellows of you appear... ' Now, your chances will surely be better '; you thought and one of the guys pressed the button beneath you... ...What the hell...no, not this.............. ....oh NOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!.............

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Unknown date

You could write a history of Doom co-op levels; initially no-one bothered to make them, and then people rebelled against that attitude, and declared that co-op was way cooler than deathmatch, and nowadays no-one makes them for Doom, but we have Battlefield 2 instead. The level is impressively big, with 400-odd monsters, and there's one good arena, but it's far too mazey and padded, and the monsters tend not to activate until you shoot them.

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