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About This File

DOOM95.EXE will work with any DOOM or DOOM2 main wadfile.

With DOOM95, you no longer need to keep your main wads in seperate directories. Copy all main wad files (DOOM.WAD, DOOM2.WAD, PLUTONIA.WAD, TNT.WAD, etc) to the DOOM95 directory and launch DOOM95. To play, choose the appropriate wad file from the launcher and then start the game.
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  • File Reviews

    • By Summer Deep · Posted
      Pretty decent stuff. Over 200 monsters, and you might take two or three attempts to complete it without saving, especially if you don't locate the blue armour, which is fairly well concealed.   The only things which annoyed me about this were the fact that I never worked out how to get the chaingun, thus having to fire bullets solely with the pistol, and also that there was a small nukage pool which looked like an interesting place to explore, but turned out to be inescapable...
    • By GuyNamedErick · Posted
      Your average 1994 WAD, nothing really special and while it may not be so bad, aside of a HOM effect that appears in ZDoom ports (at least GZDoom 3.3.2) for some reason (Classic ports don't seem to be affected by this), there isn't much to be seen here. Lighting is nice and all, but that's about it.
    • By Jayman · Posted
      The fighting was fun. Finding the lift that was unmarked (even in the automap!), was not.
    • By Jayman · Posted
      It's fine, but why did you put the rusted key in a secret? It wasn't worth the trouble to find it.
    • By Summer Deep · Posted
      A 1994 map with some of the limitations you might expect, but overall this is well thought out and executed. It's also a very good challenge, certainly on the UV setting. It's actually for E1M1, as another review points out.   There's a Doom 2 conversion of this on the Demon Gate CD compilation, and maybe others.   A bit better than the bare 4 stars. Around 8.5+ out of 10.