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Queen of the DoomWeb a Study in Plasma

   (7 reviews)
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About This File

As you stride down to the burning city of Hell On Earth you note a baron reading a sign. The baron appears rather annoyed at the weathered sign reading "Under Construction - please come back in October." The baron gives one final scream and heads for a rock outcropping. You follow - and find yourself teleported along with the baron back to his queen's layer (nix your armor and all weapons but your pistol)!

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E2M1 is a good yet puzzling map. It contains chalk full of puzzles, secrets, and confusing traps alongside slightly cramped hallways. I also like the hellish theme incorporated and it could nearly pass as an "Inferno" Map! Another thing is that, its really impressive for 1994 and implements a lot of aspects in Doom Puzzles. Overall, a good map, could do some slight improvements on texture use though.


E2M2 on the other hand is an arena-like battle map. a lot of the architecture such as the pyramid is pretty cool and some other aspects of the map. The space of this map is quite big and it could use some more monsters and more guns with its overall big atmosphere..an average battle map, not bad! 

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Walter confetti



2 maps, one medium sized puzzle-like map (with very few moments of puzzling and more of bullshitting and weird choices) and one big arena map with a spider at the end, with the first map being the "best" of the bunch with a pair of nice looking rooms, all level is themed upon fleshy / organic style, that is a style i found is pretty cool.

For both the levels you have only a plasma gun with few ammo for it, chainsaw and berserk in E2M2 while fighting a spider mastermind (the purposely queen of this place, maybe?). That's pretty random but ok. Monsters aren't many but they are from the hard side: Barons and Cacos, togheter with some cannon fodder like imps and demons and some zombie.


Not great, but not horrible either, just a basic map. I like the puzzle idea at the end of the map. E2M2 ended too soon imo.

Title is weird and sounds pompous, description is funny.

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Unknown date

These two maps are dated August 1994. E2M1 is a sort-of castle level, with concentric "battlements"; it's uglier than a middle-aged man. You have masses of plasma ammo. The gameplay gets better as it goes along, almost approaching one star. E2M2 is an arena with a cyber and a spider, but it's easy to finish if you don't shoot and thus alert them - there's an impressive pyramid but no real gameplay. Neither level is impressive individually, together they are meh.

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Unknown date

It has octagonal shaped rooms, a cyber, a spider mastermind, some computer room boxes, a crusher and a teleporter maze all on a whopping two maps. 2/5 unless you think it deserves less of a rating. z34

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  • File Reviews

    • By Argenteo · Posted
      Demons on fire, two-headed chaingunners riding arachnotrons, flying barons, resurrecting imps, the f***  y** demon, helicopters with plasma marine and great music by Mark Klem. Unique gameplay, tons of fun. 
    • By marco.nadal.75 · Posted
      This map will take as long to complete as an episode of original Doom. It is VERY ornate and convoluted, and somewhat directionless. I played with latest Guncaster (1.777) and latest stable GZDoom (4.5). It took me nearly 2 hours. I still don't know how to get the yellow key without jumping.   I recommend using a gameplay mod with double jump and mantling, like Project Brutality, or D4D or Guncaster. There are no new monsters or weapons, so you won't miss out on original content if you use a gameplay mod.
      There is a cool boss battle in the end. All the areas are nicely designed and detailed, and the final area looks cool. The exit area is central North, by the way. Beware, there are some inescapable traps if you play with jumping, so save often.      
    • By Argenteo · Posted
      Early M. Krause map. Through some catacombs, a cemetery courtyard, electric compounds and radioactive pools. Dark, cool detailing.
    • By rd. · Posted
      For a 13-year-old in 1995, these are phenomenal. (Unless we're getting LittleTempled here, but even if the author was really someone's 40-year-old dad named Bill, they still hold up as quite good for the time.)   e1m1-e1m3 is a trio heavy in KDITD homages that starts with a tiny concept map and then features two increasingly larger complexes that take a lot of design cues from maps like Toxin Refinery and Computer Station. The hallmark of the later maps is how sophisticated the layouts are; e1m3 is this tangling sprawl that felt like it had no boundaries, like there always another area when you got to the map's edge, yet was it easy and intuitive to navigate. e4m1 is a separate release bundled as a bonus. It's like Thy Flesh Consumed in the form of a spacious, bare castle courtyard. Good find.   
    • By rd. · Posted
      An opaque '90s dungeon crawl map with kid's gloves on (meaning it's probably a good intro if you want to try that map out). Despite the really bizarre progression and more doors being unmarked walls than having actual door textures, I never got remotely lost because of the tight scale, the intuitive "try humping walls because otherwise I'm stuck" moments, and the automap pickup midway through. Lighting is really well done for the time, lots of darkness and even some directional work giving it a spooky mood. It starts out with a KDITD feel and then branches out to other themes, which feels like a very 1994 thing. The lateral thinking in figuring out how to get around was pretty engaging.    There will be high variance in how much people like this, and I'm not an expert on this era, but I enjoyed it.