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Queen of the DoomWeb a Study in Plasma

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About This File

As you stride down to the burning city of Hell On Earth you note a baron reading a sign. The baron appears rather annoyed at the weathered sign reading "Under Construction - please come back in October." The baron gives one final scream and heads for a rock outcropping. You follow - and find yourself teleported along with the baron back to his queen's layer (nix your armor and all weapons but your pistol)!

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E2M1 is a good yet puzzling map. It contains chalk full of puzzles, secrets, and confusing traps alongside slightly cramped hallways. I also like the hellish theme incorporated and it could nearly pass as an "Inferno" Map! Another thing is that, its really impressive for 1994 and implements a lot of aspects in Doom Puzzles. Overall, a good map, could do some slight improvements on texture use though.


E2M2 on the other hand is an arena-like battle map. a lot of the architecture such as the pyramid is pretty cool and some other aspects of the map. The space of this map is quite big and it could use some more monsters and more guns with its overall big atmosphere..an average battle map, not bad! 

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Walter confetti



2 maps, one medium sized puzzle-like map (with very few moments of puzzling and more of bullshitting and weird choices) and one big arena map with a spider at the end, with the first map being the "best" of the bunch with a pair of nice looking rooms, all level is themed upon fleshy / organic style, that is a style i found is pretty cool.

For both the levels you have only a plasma gun with few ammo for it, chainsaw and berserk in E2M2 while fighting a spider mastermind (the purposely queen of this place, maybe?). That's pretty random but ok. Monsters aren't many but they are from the hard side: Barons and Cacos, togheter with some cannon fodder like imps and demons and some zombie.


Not great, but not horrible either, just a basic map. I like the puzzle idea at the end of the map. E2M2 ended too soon imo.

Title is weird and sounds pompous, description is funny.

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Unknown date

These two maps are dated August 1994. E2M1 is a sort-of castle level, with concentric "battlements"; it's uglier than a middle-aged man. You have masses of plasma ammo. The gameplay gets better as it goes along, almost approaching one star. E2M2 is an arena with a cyber and a spider, but it's easy to finish if you don't shoot and thus alert them - there's an impressive pyramid but no real gameplay. Neither level is impressive individually, together they are meh.

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Unknown date

It has octagonal shaped rooms, a cyber, a spider mastermind, some computer room boxes, a crusher and a teleporter maze all on a whopping two maps. 2/5 unless you think it deserves less of a rating. z34

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  • File Reviews

    • By Lol 6 · Posted
      I strongly recommend it. It's a fantastic well done megawad. It has good maps and it houses the few slaughter maps I love. It's also fantastic for coop. It also has very good music (well, stock music with custom music)   I can't stop playing it and I can't recommend it enough. 10/10
    • By rd. · Posted
      Doom causes Violence after all
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      A little fun techbase with lots of cool new textures and fun gameplay! Level is kinda easy-ish but it's a good way to pass time. Good map!
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      what_a_trip.png   No, really, that's a pretty trippy experience. Lots of blinking lights in skies and in stairs and in long hallways, huge structures that looks both pretty anonymous and pretty foreboding, it's like the sum of what people thinks of 1994 maps. Maps are too large for the original intent of DM and are too empty and uses way too easy enemies for a decent fight (with the expection of TOOHARD.WAD that is... actually not that hard, but have some challenge from the other maps). The only good map (that actually looks like a map) is TECHNO.WAD (or RICKDOOM.WAD E1M3), is a decent techbase with a somewhat interesting design and the only reason that saved these maps from taking 1 star.   Anyway, who is Rick Kelly? Somebody famous? At least here in Doom community.
    • By StupidBunny · Posted
      I remember playing this ages ago when it was still a WIP.  I'm so glad to find it again, it's one that really stuck in my memory (thanks @00_Zombie_00 for bringing it up in the reviews!)  Such a neat atmospheric WAD, love the tower climb concept and the slow burn of action in the map.  It turned out great, right up to the end.