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About This File

It is said that the old factory on the outskirts of town is still run by zombie employees. They say that the old workers went insane and started to slaughter each other a few years back. Few escaped and barricaded the place in hopes that nothing else would get out, and that nothing would go in. The 3 or 4 survivors said that the toxic waste within the structure caused the men to suddenly become overly paranoid and "loco". They began to kill each other, but something kept bringing the dead men back. Nothing ever dies forever in there..."sounds cool!" You say to yer friends. "Let's check it out, unless y'all are scared or something?" "Hell no!" your friends reply, "Let's do it." When you reach the towering building you tear down the door and enter...

In making this level I used some techniques that I like to see in D-Match level...TRAPS! I have made two different traps (The Crusher and Incinerator) which are activated by a player. When yer opponent is stuck in one of 'em activate it by triggering the sensor triplines. (They look like two square pillars with lights...) and watch/hear your pitiful friend either become 2 inches thick or slowly cook. >-) Do not be discouraged to get the BFG, even though you're walking into a trap. Because if you can kill the other guy before he/she can activate the incinerator you will be set free...free with a BFG under your arm...time for a couple of easy frags... :)

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  • File Reviews

    • By Doomkid · Posted
      Download the REAL file here (rd1.zip is NOT correct) https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/d64d2   Shocked to see so many negative reviews. I had an absolute blast with this one, and I'm not sure what Nems was talking about with the Boom stuff as this runs in Doom2.exe with no trouble. In fact, there is a TON of impressive vanilla stuff going on here. I guess it was so well done that it tricked him.   This deserves a high score. It's a lot of fun.
    • By Rimantas · Posted
      It definitely makes Doom look darker, but also slightly changes colors (it reminds me PSX Doom). I prefer original Doom colors and miss how it looked on CRT (almost same colors as with modern monitors, but less brightness and maybe more contrast).
    • By Hypпotiк · Posted
      Great spirit/item placements, and also nice trap placements. Textures are georgeous and scream "1980's sci-fi action movie".
    • By guitardz · Posted
      Some very cool techbases with a nice texture set and pallette.  The music is pretty epic.  And it all runs in vanilla! (Or so it is said, I played it in GZDoom)
    • By Philnemba · Posted
      I honestly can't believe that this whole megawad is 100% vanilla compatible and its only the first of THREE episodic megawads! Esselfortium and her team of creative energetic mappers has done an amazing job from the unique texture set, the music, the maps & even the tweaked color palette that fits the mood of the whole thing.    100% highly recommended! 5/5