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Horror (That should say it all!) ;)

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About This File

This WAD has either no theme, or many themes (I'm still trying to figure it out...) I just threw everything I could think of into this level. (Kitchen sink WAD) NOTES ON MULTIPLAYER: I originaly designed this level for single player only. Then when I got a real modem, I started playing deathmatch and realized that I somehow had to make this level compatible for deathmatch. (You will see why it's not when you play it single player...) I therefore added several "deathmatch" doors. They are all secret doors, so as to not detract from single player play, but can be seen in yellow (or brown) on the map. There is also a giveaway in each texture. (Offlined, slightly different, etc.) The doors require a red key card which you will not be able to find in single player mode. If you try to open a secret and it says it needs a red key card, you have found one of these doors. Don't worry, the secret total will not be affected by these areas. These areas not only make the level deathmatchable, but connect several areas to make the level non-linear. The exit is also a cooperative exit in dmatch. You won't be able to activate it by yourself. It is near the original exit switch, which is blocked in deathmatch. This level can NOT be played cooperatively :(

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Unknown date

This is dated August 1996, although it feels like a 1994 maps. Like so many levels of the period the design is random, as if the author was learning about mapping as he went along; it's fairly big, but tedious to play, with excruciating puzzles and an aimless, formless layout. You shoot 186 boring monsters in a boring map. It keeps giving you rockets, but as far as I can see a design bug (one-way stairs) prevents you from ever getting the rocket launcher.

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