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Terravia Part 1: Assault Drop (v3.0)

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About This File

This is a fairly large level, most of which is "indoors". It's mostly fairly conventional, but there are a few fun little twists. One planned "scenery" feature didn't make it in because of the DOOM! engine's >64-2S-HOM bug, but may be added after 1.4 comes out if the engine bug is fixed as promised. See the enclosed file, BRIEFING.TXT, for more details. NOTE: This WAD comes with a set of modified weapon sprites. The new sprites are simply rotated (and sometimes flipped) versions of the existing sprites for the chaingun, shotgun, rocket launcher and plasma rifle. If you wish to use these sprites, you must unzip this archive using 'pkunzip -d'. Batch files are provided to install and remove the modified sprites. Installing the new sprites looks a little odd when you kill sergeants, but was done in order to make the armory look way cool. (And it DOES make it easier to find shotguns in the compound, too....)

This is version 3.0 of this WAD. The armory door delay present in earlier versions has been eliminated.

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Unknown date

wow... this has to be one of the worst 94 WADs i have played, you start out in a room with loads of guns then you enter a MASSIVE OPEN AREA with basically NO LIGHTING randomly placed zombiemen and a castle thing in the middle, inside you get another MASSIVE area with lights but hardly any enemies. I just gave up there cus its so bad 0/5

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Unknown date

This is dated August 1994. It comes with an elaborate briefing and some custom graphics. There are lots of monsters but the map is no fun to play. By modern standards it's still physically large, although very undetailed - basically a lot of giant empty rooms. Despite flashes of competence it feels like a shell of a level. If you know exactly where to go, you can run to the exit and finish in less than a minute (you don't need any keys).

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  • File Reviews

    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      ah, finally got done with the purple edition. well, the Stomper guns are here, along with the rapid-fire rocket launcher, and what do you know, the enemies here are somehow a lot more enjoyable. say hello to the suicide bombers again, while the grells may actually be a much better flying enemy than the cacodemons. the possessed marines are douchebags and so are the immolators.   and what do we have for maps? mayhem, that's what. while not every map is a slaughtermap, these maps prove difficult in so many ways, although they were more frustrating than Orange's levels, for sure. look out for the secret slaughter arena in Benjogami's map, as well as the virtual insanity of the secret map. MAP17 will likely make you writhe due to its sheer girth, while the last two are pretty decent for slaughtermaps (though I personally recommend avoiding the secret fight in MAP18). MAP09 and MAP11 are also quite memorable. you want it hard, you got it here.
    • By Roofi · Posted
      A sexy slaughtermap dedicated to a sexy girl. Nina Dobrev 2 figures among my favourite slaughtermaps despite Nina Dobrev 1 was annoying to play.   This map has a lot of memorable parts :   - The very brutal start where you have to protect yourself from chaingunners by hiding behind a mancubus - The big castle courtyard where a very brutal fight happens. - The cute tree near the end surrounded by very viciously hidden arch-viles.   A more detailed review here (in french) : http://doomfrance.forumactif.com/t3832p25-boom-eternal-slumber-party   My demo on UV :DEMO  
    • By Roofi · Posted
      I agree , it's one of the Didy's best releases. Axiom has very striking and detailed visuals for a 2008 map. I especially loved this map for it's quite obscure but excentric progression (I love 3D bridges)   Here is my french detailed review : http://doomfrance.forumactif.com/t4690-review-maps-de-didy#141943 (Use google translate)   Here is my FDA max-demo :   DEMO
    • By Bobber the Wise · Posted
      Starts off mildly amusing in an inane way. The rapid plunge into stupidity leaves one awestruck, providing an indelible mark of wonder on the player.    Pros: Map 21 is aptly named.   Cons: everything
    • By Hypпotiк · Posted
      Awesome stuff, The description gave way to more imagination while playing the wad, love it. Textures looked beautiful. It presents quite a challenge for the weary heretic.